10.20 call: South African theatre

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[1] From: "S.A.Rae (Simon Rae)" <S.A.Rae@open.ac.uk> (43)
Subject: Call for Papers - South African Theatre

On behalf of a colleague at the Open University:

The Open University Post-Colonial Literatures Group



Papers are invited for a conference on South African Theatre that aims to
explore the idea of intervention. We welcome wide-ranging approaches to a
re-evaluation of South African Theatre in the post-apartheid era.

This is an opportunity to examine strategies of intervention among stage,
audience, theatrical forms, critical methodologies, canonical and new texts,
well-established and fledgling playwrights, new identities. We are
especially interested in the body as a site of race, gender, class, and
sexual difference.

In re-thinking what we mean by South African Theatre we expect to focus on
theoretical, theatrical, and/or societal issues. We anticipate papers that
will: investigate the conditions of representation of theatre as
intervention, stage interventions in interpretations of South African
Theatre, and question the changing role of theatre as an interventionary

In addition to academic papers three playwrights from South Africa,
including the Southern Arts Visiting Writer, Fatima Dike, will participate
in a panel discussion and will give readings. Dr. Dennis Walder and I are
negotiating the publication of selected papers and the playwrights' panel
for submission by the end of 1996.

Dates: 30-31st August, 1996.

Conference Venue: Centre for English Studies, Seminar Room 362, Senate
House, Malet Street, London.

Please send abstracts of 200 words for 20-30 minute papers by May 20th, 1996
(although this date is 'negotiable' in view of the nearness of the 20th) to:

Marcia Blumberg email: M.Blumberg@OPEN.AC.UK
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