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Subject: conference announcement

Institute for Social Research

The University of Kent at Canterbury


18-19 September 1996

Convenor: Italo Pardo

The aim of the conference is to address the difficulty in linking legal and
political responsibility to authority and trust in the exercise of power.
The basic assumption is that serious handling of this issue must be based
on a constructive understanding of the micro-level, as opposed to abstract
thinking per se. In this belief, the conference brings together
ethnographic analysis from Europe and outside it to study the significance
of the different morals of legitimacy that coexist in civil society to the
interplay between the production (and practice) of law - intended as a
contested metaphor of social order, the establishment of legal and
political authority, and the dynamics of citizens' trust in the
institutions and representatives of the state.


Ray Abrahams (University of Cambridge) - State jurisdiction
and community morality: crime control when the state fails.

John Fitzpatrick (University of Kent) - The legalization of
everyday life: an exploration of the implications of
the policing of neighbour disputes.

Peter Fitzpatrick (University of Kent) - Appropriating Law:
Hybridity and the peasant corporation.

Caroline Humphrey (University of Cambridge) - Ethics of
mass 'business' in contemporary Russia.

Italo Pardo (University of Kent) - Citizens, distrusted
politicians, rampant magistrates: political and
jurisprudential moralities in Italy.

Jonathan Parry (London School of Economics) - The moral and
the corrupt: a case-study from Central India.

Giuliana Prato (University of Kent) - The cherries of the
Mayor: degrees of morality and responsibility in local
Italian administration.

Michael Rowlands (University College London) - Borders and
mistrust in relation to immigrants' status in Europe.

Paul Stirling (University of Kent) - Law, moral authority
and social control: parables from Turkey.

Further particulars are available from Dr Italo Pardo, Department of
Sociology and Social Anthropology, Eliot College, The University, Kent CT2
7NS; Tel. 01227 764000 ext 3632; Fax 01227 827289; e-mail

Booking forms are available from Mrs Jan Horn, The Institute for Social
Research, Eliot College, The University, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7NS; Tel.
01227 764000; Fax 01227 827289; e-mail dossa-office@ukc.ac.uk