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[1] From: "Larry A. Taylor" <ltaylor@kaiwan.com> (27)
Subject: Re: 10.042 posting a text?

> [1] From: bobevans@strudel.aum.edu (16)
> >
>Dear Colleagues,
> A student of mine is just about to complete her master's thesis.
>This project includes a modern-spelling text of John Donne's prose satire
>_Ignatius His Conclave_. It occurred to me that it might be helpful to
>make this text accessible via the Web, ...

The text is currently formatted in
>WORDPERFECT 5.1. Would conversion to HTML be difficult from this format?
>Robert C. (Bob) Evans

According to Laura Lemay, author of a 7-day HTML learning book,
Wordperfect macros are available to automatically convert your document
to HTML. WPTOHTML is listed as being available from
URL: <gopher://black.ox.ac.uk/h0/ousu_dir/.html-stuff/wptohtml.html>.

Also recommended is saving your document in Rich Text Format (RTF),
and converting that to HTML. You didn't say you had DOS or Windows,
but the RTFTOHTM filter is listed as being available from

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