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[1] From: Jacqueline Brown <jbrown@Princeton.EDU> (45)
Subject: job posting

Princeton University
Coordinator, Humanities and Social Sciences Information Technology

Princeton University seeks an individual to help coordinate and
enhance the use of information technology in the humanities and
social sciences and to assist especially in the development of
instructional applications. An earned doctorate in a humanities or
social science field and teaching experience at the college or
university level are preferred, as is familiarity with instructional
uses of technology and successful use of the medium for teaching. A
fundamentally technical background is not necessary for this
position, but a knowledge of software useful in developing course
material is desirable.

Princeton enjoys an excellent technical infrastructure for computing
and a number of special resources, in the areas, for example, of
electronic texts and computer graphics. The successful candidate
will interact well with faculty members at various levels of skill
and experience with the technologies, enhancing campus-wide awareness
of electronic resources at the university, assisting faculty to
utilize existing capabilities effectively in their teaching and
research, and also working with faculty to plan future development.

This position will act as liaison between the faculty and the
University departments which provide support and service related to
information technologies, as well as working with faculty
individually and in small groups to develop understanding and use of
the resources for instruction. Especially valuable will be the
ability to "translate" between current faculty needs and technical
potential. The coordinator will also assist with strategic planning
for the future of instructional technologies in the humanities and
the social sciences, drawing on his or her creativity and vision, as
well as practical experience.

Salary: commensurate with experience and qualifications. Starting
date: August 1, 1996 or as soon thereafter as possible. To apply,
please send a cover letter and current resume to:

S. Georgia Nugent
Associate Provost
5 Nassau Hall
Princeton University
Princeton, New Jersey 08544

Screening will begin immediately; to insure full consideration,
materials should be received by July 1, 1996.

Princeton is an equal opportunity employer.