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[1] From: "Nancy M. Ide" <ide@cs.vassar.edu> (52)
Subject: SGML BeLux '96 : call for contributions

SGML BeLux '96
Third annual conference on the practical use of SGML
October 31, 1996 - Brussels, Belgium


SGML BeLux vzw/asbl, the Belgian-Luxembourgian Chapter of the International
SGML Users' Group, is organising its third annual conference on the
practical use of SGML. As the very successful SGML BeLux '94 and '95
conferences have shown, these conferences serve as an active forum for the
exchange of ideas and experiences with the use of SGML for electronic
document engineering and information delivery. SGML BeLux is again seeking
presenters to talk about all aspects of the practical use of SGML. If you or
your company have used SGML in innovative ways in a document application,
learned about some SGML problems the hard way, have a clear opinion on how
SGML should be used or have valuable advice for beginners, we invite you to
share your knowledge and experience with us.

Contributions to the conference can consist of a full-length paper or a
collection of overhead slides dealing with a topic of interest to the
conference participants. These topics include (but are not limited to):
Case studies of (un)successful document applications and implementations
Experiences with support tools: conversion programs, editors, browsers,
on-line delivery
Design of modular, reusable DTDs: development approaches, useful tips and
Use of databases: storage and retrieval of document components,
object-oriented vs. relational
Experiences with related electronic document engineering standards: HyTime,
Internet document publishing: HTML vs. SGML, SGML viewers, generating
documents on the fly

Presenters are invited to submit an abstract in English of approximately 250
words. The abstract should include the title of the proposed contribution
with presenter names, affiliations and complete addresses. After acceptance
of the abstract, the final version of the contribution must be submitted in
camera-ready form according to detailed specifications available upon
acceptance. Both the abstract and final version of the contribution should
be submitted (in either hard copy or preferably electronic form) to:
Paul Hermans, Conference chairman
<pro <teXt>, BC, Interleuvenlaan 62, B-3001 Leuven, Belgium
Tel: +32 16 40 66 81, Fax: +32 16 40 66 91, E-mail: Paul_Hermans@protext.be

Deadline submission of abstract August 15, 1996
Notification of acceptance of abstract September 1, 1996
Deadline for camera-ready copy of contribution October 1, 1996
SGML BeLux '96 conference October 31, 1996

Paul Hermans
Pro Text
Interleuvenlaan 62
3001 Leuven
+32 16 40 66 81
+32 16 40 66 91 (fax)