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[1] From: Willard McCarty <mccarty@phoenix.princeton.edu> (40)
Subject: new members

Dear Colleagues:

In days of old I would periodically publish on Humanist the biographies of
new members so as to introduce them to everyone else and promote collegial
exchange. I have been meaning to take up the practice again, but
surprisingly I have had much less time to spare than I did all those years
ago. Thanks now to Gregory Murphy of CETH, I have an automatic means of
collecting and formatting the information from the biographies, and so I
propose once again to publish biographies. As an initial trial, I include
below the two latest.

Please let me know what you think of my proposal to make the publication of
biographies a regular feature. Note that I edit them somewhat, removing the
snail-mail address but retaining the electronic one. I would appreciate any


Elkins, James R.
Professor of Law
University - faculty
I received a JD from the University of Kentucky and studied at the Yale Law
School. I am interested in lawyer ethics and presently teach a course called
"Practical Moral Philosophy for Lawyers." I also teacher Lawyers and
Literature and have written various papers drawing on the humanities. I
edit an interdisciplinary journal called the Legal Studies Forum.

Suga, Hiroshi
a senior highschool teacher
Secondary School
I majored in French literature at Kansai Univ. in Japan. I have taught English
at high schools for more than 20 years in Japan. I have formed my own corpus
with 15 million words and made a reseach how often some English expressions
taught in high schools in Japan are really used. I am looking forward to
exchanging information in this forum.