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[1] From: Mike Fraser <mike.fraser@computing- (45)
Subject: CTI Publication: Computers & Teaching in the

[2] From: "Peter Graham, RUL" <psgraham@gandalf.rutgers.edu> (17)
Subject: Preserving Digital Information: Final Report Available

Date: Tue, 28 May 1996 17:18:52 +0100 (BST)
From: Mike Fraser <mike.fraser@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk>
Subject: CTI Publication: Computers & Teaching in the Humanities

Computers & Teaching in the Humanities

Edited by Michael Popham and Lorna Hughes

Oxford: CTI Centre for Textual Studies, 1996.
Pp. iv+88. ISBN 0-9523301-2-1

A selection of papers given at the CATH94 conference is now available as
the second volume in the CTI Centre for Textual Studies' Occasional
Series. The contents include:

Perspectives on Computers in Education - The Promise, the Pain, the Prospect

Design and Development of Courseware
* Developing Educational Software: A Generic Approach
* Developing Courseware in Archaeology
* Courseware Development in Higher Education
* Created Annotated Poetry Editions

The Electronic Classroom: Courseware in Action
* Multimedia in Language Learning, an Open or Closed Case?
* Encountering Digital Media
* Computer Modelling and Critical Thinking
* From Modes to MIDI: Methodologies for Multimedia Music Courseware
* Electronic Conferencing: Pedagogy Beyond the LAN
* The Development and Implementation of Software for Vocabulary
* A Hypermedia Language Program for Telematic Dissemination

Assessment and Implementation Issues
* Ideals and Realities: Initiating and Evaluating the Use of
Technology in the Curriculum
* The Enriched Lecture: Courseware by Design
* From IT Skill to Postmodernism: Implementing Degree-level Humanities
* Assessing CAMILLE
* Exploiting Potentialities: the Hypermedia Dissertation at Southampton,
* The Paperless Exam

Electronic Resources for the Humanities
* Information Skills - The Hypertext Approach
* Internet Textual Resources at Oxford
* SGML and the Internet

Courseware in Action Case Study: The STELLA Project

Computers & Teaching in the Humanities: GBP 10.00 per copy
Postage & Packing per copy: UK GBP 1.00
Europe GBP 2.00
Rest of World GBP 3.00

All orders should be accompanied by a cheque made out to "Oxford
University Computing Services".

Please send name and address together with payment to Mari Gill, CTI
Textual Studies, Oxford University Computing Services. 13 Banbury Road,
Oxford OX2 6NN, UK

Date: Tue, 28 May 96 14:13:05 EDT
From: "Peter Graham, RUL" <psgraham@gandalf.rutgers.edu>
Subject: Preserving Digital Information: Final Report Available

The final report of the Digital Archiving Task Force is now available at
<URL:http://www.rlg.org/ArchTF/>. It was put up last week but announcements
don't appear to have gone out. It is a very important report; following is
some text describing it:

"At the end of 1994 the Commission on Preservation and Access (CPA) and
RLG created a Task Force on Archiving of Digital Information charged with
investigating and recommending means to ensure "continued access
indefinitely into the future of records stored in digital electronic form."
The 21-member task force, co-chaired with distinction by Donald Waters,
Associate University Librarian, Yale University, and John Garrett, Chief
Executive Officer of CyberVillages Corporation, recently completed their
final report. RLG and CPA are making this widely available online and in

Peter Graham psgraham@gandalf.rutgers.edu Rutgers University Libraries
169 College Ave., New Brunswick, NJ 08903 (908)445-5908; fax (908)445-5888