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[1] From: "Eric D. Friedman" <friedman@hydra.acs.uci.edu> (24)
Subject: Re: 10.0048 converting to HTML

A footnote to Larry's remarks about rtf2html: I've written a front-end
for rtf2html which allows you to process files using the file upload
feature in netscape 2.0 or better. Visit


This script will join rtf2html's separate endnote files to the bottom
of your paper, producing a single document with footnotes as inline

In the same directory you'll also find file upload interfaces to

1) makemark, my program for converting Netscape bookmark files into
publishable html documents, complete with hyperlinked Table of
Contents. (The file upload version reflects a single document with an
in-line TofC; the command line version, available at the same
location, generates multiple files with 'next,' 'prev,' and 'up'

2) splitlines, a program which wraps lines in a text file at the blank
space closest to a user-specified number of columns. In short, this is
word wrap for text files you want to upload.

All of the above is 'helloware,' which is to say that it would be nice
to hear from anyone who happens to use it.

Eric D. Friedman

>Also recommended is saving your document in Rich Text Format (RTF),
>and converting that to HTML. You didn't say you had DOS or Windows,
>but the RTFTOHTM filter is listed as being available from