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[1] From: Deian Hopkin <hopkin@lgu.ac.uk> (82)
Subject: A new Fawcett Library : a request for support


Some members of the Humanist circle may be aware of=20
the Fawcett Libary. The Fawcett, as it is often=20
referred to, is the National Research Library for=20
Women's history. It is the oldest and most=20
comprehensive libary on all aspects of women in=20
society in the UK and is also regarded as one of the=20
best of its kind in the world. The Library is=20
primarily a research collection and includes=20
collections on feminism, work, education, health, the=20
family, law, arts, science, language, sexuality,=20
fashion and the home. The emphasis is on Britain, but=20
there are good collections from the Commonwealth and=20
the Third World and an increasing US section. =20
The Library includes the Josephine Butler Collection on=20
prostitution, sexuality and related topics, the Cavendish
Bentick collection of old and rare items, over 60,000 books=20
and pamphlets, many of them first editions, dating back to=20
1600,a large audio visual collection and a fine collection=20
of suffragette banners and memorabilia, including the=20
personal effects of Emily Davidson who died for the cause=20
of women's suffrage in the famous Derby Day protest of=20
1913. =20

The Fawcett Library was established in 1926 as the Library
of the London Society for Women^=D2s Service(formerly=20
Suffrage), a non-militant organisation led by Dame=20
Millicent Fawcett. In 1953 the Society was renamed=20
after her and the library became the Fawcett Library.
In 1977 it was moved to its present location at =20
London Guildhall University, one of the new=20
universities in the UK, where it remains.=20

It has been an ambition of the University to develop a=20
proper home for the Library. At present, it is=20
located in a well-equipped basement with room for=20
around 15 readers and a range of appropriate facilities. =20
Nevertheless, there is little room for expansion or=20
development and no facilities for presentation and display.=20

An opportunity has now arisen to transform the=20
Library. The University has acquired an old=20
Public Washhouse, dating to the mid-19th century, with a=20
complete facade. It adjoins the main humanities and social=20
science departments and is located within a few yards of=20
Aldgate East underground station and very near to the=20
mainline Liverpool Street Station. =20

It is proposed to construct a purpose built library,=20
with 45 research places, a comprehensive range of=20
facilties for conservation and repair, an exhibition=20
gallery, seminar and conference space, an educational=20
project area and a shop and cafe. This will be an=20
imaginative building, incorporating the facade of the=20
washouse, and is has been designed by Clare Wright, a=20
celebrated architect in the UK. This will make it one of=20
the finest libraries of its kind anywhere in the world.

We will be raising 5.2 million for this purpose and a=20
fundraising team has been formed with the Speaker of=20
the House of Commons, Betty Boothroyd, as patron.=20

The purpose of this message however is to solicit=20
support for our application to the Heritage Lottery=20

Quite simply, I am asking Humanist members to email me=20
their support for the principle of this project so=20
that it can be included in the section of our=20
application relating to "public support". This is=20
pretty crucial because however good the project, there=20
must be public support for it to gain financial grant=20
from the Lottery. =20

If you are prepared to support us, simply email me on=20

If you want to know more, contact the Library on=20
0171 320 1189
international (+44)71 320 1189
or fax 0171 320 1188

Many thanks for your help

Deian R Hopkin
Vice Provost
London Guildhall University
31 Jewry Street
London EC3N 2EY

Tel 0171 320 1129
fax 0171 320 3018