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[1] From: Paul Richard Blum <106233.1104@COMPUSERVE.COM> (62)
Subject: fwd:Bad Writing Contest

>CALL FOR ENTRIES. Philosophy and Literature announces the third
>Bad Writing Contest. Please cross-post the following announcement
>on related lists for humanities, culture theory, philosophy, social
>sciences, criticism, editing, etc.
> *********************************
> The Philosophy and Literature Bad Writing Contest
> The challenge of the Bad Writing Contest is to come up with the
>ugliest, most stylistically awful single sentence from a published
>scholarly book or article. Ordinary journalism, fiction, etc. not
>allowed, nor is translation from other languages into English. Entries
>must be non-ironic, from actual serious academic journals or
>books--parodies cannot be admitted in a field where unintentional
>self-parody is so rampant. Winning entries will be checked by our
>researchers before prizes are awarded.
> Judging will be by editorial staff of Philosophy and Literature. Finder
>of the winning sentence will have first choice from among the
>following titles, second prize will be a choice of the remaining books,
>and so on. The seven prize books are: Rewriting the Soul, by Ian
>Hacking (Princeton), The Magician's Doubts: Nabokov and the Risks
>of Fiction, by Michael Wood (Princeton), Dilemmas of Enlightenment,
>by Oscar Kenshur (California); Killing Time, by Paul Feyerabend
>(Chicago); Anti-Mimesis from Plato to Hitchcock, by Tom Cohen
>(Cambridge); Compulsive Beauty, by Hal Foster (MIT); Georges
>Bataille, by Michael Richardson (Routledge). If necessary, there will
>be a eight prize (a copy of the journal Social Text) and ninth prize
>(two copies of Social Text).
> We've fine prizes for this third contest, so join the fun! Please use the
>subject heading "Bad writing entry" and copy the posting directly to
>Denis Dutton, editor of Philosophy and Literature, so we can keep
>track of the entries:
> d.dutton@fina.canterbury.ac.nz.
> The contest deadline: 31 January 1997.
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>group, PHIL-LIT, by sending the message
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