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[1] From: "b.l." <brainlink@huskynet.com> (48)
Subject: Re: text analysis program

[The following from DARWIN-L, recommending Perl for text-analysis
applications, with a list of useful sources. --WM]

I recommend that you use the Perl scripting language because of its
"simplicity" in comparison with other languages. Accordingly, I have listed
the essential sites and cites for you below:

(1) Mac internet software

(2) MacPerl

(3) Word counting program
"Teach Yourself Perl in 21 Days (First Edition)" one of the few accessible
books for newbies NOT brutally criticized by Perl (UNIX) gurus who
(usually) love only the O'Reilly books on Perl (see http://www.perl.org/).

In "Teach Yourself...", see "Day 5", page 160 "Splitting a Sting into a
list" for a simple word counting program and see "Day 6", page 198 "Using
Command-Line Arguments as Values" for a word search and counting program
(for "counting by type").

Please note that the page numbers and "chapters" that I have given you are
from the first edition; the second edition on Perl5 is currently being sold
in book stores and may or may not have the same pagination.

(4) Parts of speech program
This is not simple (i.e., few will take the time to write this program for
you) and you probably want to put your question to a more specialized list
(where someone has already written it and will share it with you). For this
you can write to:

Subscription Address: almanac@ruby.oce.orst.edu - comp.lang.perl
Submission Address: PERL-USERS@ruby.oce.orst.edu

Dan Gold, Brain Link Inc., brainlink@huskynet.com

At 09:42 AM 12/10/96 -0500, witkowski wrote:
>This may not be quite right for this group but it has such diverse
>interests that I am sure someone can help. I want to do some very simple
>word counting in short documents - counting all the times a word appears -
>how many "and"s, how many "or"s, etc. It wouold be nice if the words could
>also be counted by type - how many nouns? how many pronouns? Does anyone
>know of such a program (that will run on MacOS)? Thank you.
>Jan A. Witkowski, Ph.D.
>Banbury Center
>Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
>PO Box 534
>Cold Spring Harbor NY 11724-0534
>(516) 549-0507
>(516) 549-0672 fax