10.0564 early humanities computing

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[1] From: "Robert S. Tannenbaum" <rst@service1.uky.edu> (16)
Subject: Early humanities computing

In reply to the inquiry from Mavis Cournane regarding early humanities
(text) computing, I would like to suggest (as humbly as possible) the
article that I wrote for the <T>Encylopedia of Library and Information
Science<T> Volume 51, Supplement 14, pp. 151-189. The executive Editor was
Allen Kent, and the publisher is Marcel Dekker, New York. Although the
copyright is 1993, the article was actually written in the late 1980s (the
latest reference is 1988 and I listed Joe Rudman as the contact person for

Only some of the material pertains to text applications, but there is an
extensive list of references that may be helpful historically.


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