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[1] From: Donia Scott <Donia.Scott@itri.brighton.ac.uk> (47)
Subject: Research Positions


The Information Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is a dedicated
research department whose current programme focuses on 3 areas:
computational linguistics and language engineering, computer supported
collaborative design, and multimedia and multimodal interfaces. We are
looking for well qualified researchers to join our programme. Funding for
these positions is available for 3 years.

#17,474 - #21,838 Ref: IT914

This post involves research on document design environments which include
some of the advanced technologies being developed in the Institute.
Examples of these include (multilingual) natural language generation,
collaborative writing, guided composition of technical texts and control
over constraints on document style and layout. The research fellow will
collaborate closely with interdisciplinary teams working in these areas and
should have a masters degree, a PhD or equivalent experience in HCI. An
important aspect of the job will be to help develop a research group on
interface design within the Institute, and to seek external funding for
continuing this work beyond the initial 3-year period and attracting more

#13,834 - #16,739 Ref: IT915

The Research Officer will work on the ICONOCLAST project, which aims to
develop a system that generates instructions on how to use software
applications. This work extends previous language generation projects
within the ITRI by aiming to support constraints on the layout and style of
the documents generated. The main responsibility involves collecting and
analysing an on-line corpus of software manuals, and meeting with
professional technical authors to identify the relevant constraints on
document design. A secondary activity will be the design and implementation
of the user-interface to the system and possibly the implementation of the
constraints. Applicants should have a good honours degree, a masters degree
or equivalent experience in linguistics or computer science. This project
is funded through a research grant from the Engineering and Physical
Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). Opportunities for undertaking an MPhil
or PhD are available.

More information on the work of the ITRI can be obtained on our web site at

Further details, including important information about the content of your
CV, and application forms are available from the Personnel Department,
University of Brighton, Brighton, BN2 4AT, or from our web site at
http://www.bton.ac.uk/vacancies/, or on our 24 hour answerphone: (01273)
642849. Please quote the reference number.

Closing date: 31 January 1997