10.0616 story grammar?

WILLARD MCCARTY (willard.mccarty@kcl.ac.uk)
Wed, 22 Jan 1997 20:32:04 +0000 (GMT)

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[1] From: Nico Weenink <noki@worldonline.nl> (26)
Subject: Story Grammar

Story Grammar.

I was wondering if someone of the Humanist could help me out on the

Is there is a similarity between syntactical structures and narratology?
I've heard that there have been studies and programs to this thesis
(story-grammar), but I'd like to know more about it. Are there
standard works? Is there literature available? And what about research
projects and results? Is there a paradigma? Which programs are used to
analyse texts (in both narratologic and syntactic way) and why do people
prefer this program above another program?

I would like to graduate on such a thesis, although I know this has a much
too wide setting for a graduation.

If there's anyone who could help me out on literature, websites, etcetera
I'd be very thankful.

Thanks in advance.



Nico Weenink
Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Department of Literature
Department of Linguistics