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[1] From: Ian Graham <igraham@IC-UNIX.IC.UTORONTO.CA> (50)
Subject: 3rd annual Women's Studies on the Net Seminar (CFP)

[2] From: Patrick Bjork <bjork@plains.nodak.edu> (12)
From: H-CLC BD <bdiederi@ucsd.edu> ( )
Subject: Correction: Webgeist Call for Papers

Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 11:42:33 -0500
From: Ian Graham <igraham@IC-UNIX.IC.UTORONTO.CA>
Subject: 3rd annual Women's Studies on the Net Seminar (CFP) (fwd)

Forwarded message:
> please post widely - thanks
> Third Annual Seminar on Women's Studies and the Internet
> February 27, 1997
> Room 214, OISE/UT
> 252 Bloor Street
> Toronto, Ontario
> 11:30am - 2:00pm
> Abstracts (350 words) are encouraged for presenters at the third annual
> seminar on Women's Studies and the Internet. Topics can include current
> research activities, case studies, development of resources, pedagogical
> techniques, ethical and legal reviews, or other items as related to the
> use, or impact, of the Internet on Women's Studies.
> Presenters will be limited to __4__ (four) minutes, and must be prepared
> to answer questions. An overhead projector will available, (a live
> Internet hook-up may be available, but presenters should not assume access
> to such a hook-up).
> Abstracts should be E-mailed to: ahyman@oise.utoronto.ca, and should
> include name, status, affiliation, e-mail address, and phone number.
> Accepted abstracts will be compiled into a little booklet for
> distribution. Students and topics with Canadian content are particularly
> encouraged. Please submit abstracts BEFORE Friday, February 7, 1997!
> presented by
> The Centre for Women's Studies in Education,
> The Department of Theory & Policy Studies,
> and the Education Commons of the
> Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
> of the University of Toronto

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--[2]---------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 09:02:14 -0600 (CST) From: Patrick Bjork <bjork@plains.nodak.edu>

In the recent post for Webgeist's call for Forum3 submissions, I provided an incorrect address; it should be:



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