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[1] From: "A. S. Weber" <aweber@binghamton.edu> (36)
Subject: Re: your guide

1997 MLA Convention
December 27 - 30, 1997
Toronto, Canada
A. S. Weber
Abstracts Due: March 1, 1997

Dear Colleagues:

I am organizing a session for the 1997 MLA Convention in Toronto, Canada on
the literary and scientific discourses of humor pathology from the late
Middle Ages to the early modern period (circa 1400 - 1750). Suggested
topics of enquiry may include: the language of specific texts such as
Jonson's humor plays or Burton's ANATOMY, humoralism in literature,
anti-humoral discourses (Paracelsianism), the diffusion of the Hippocratic
and Galenic textual tradition and its cultural impact, the cross-cultural
textual transmission of medical knowledge, astrological medicine,
rhetorical aspects of humor pathology texts, etc.

Please send 500 word abstract and description of research interests via
regular mail or email (aweber@binghamton.edu) by March 1, 1997 to:

A. S. Weber
English Department
SUNY Binghamton
Binghamton, NY 13902.

Best Regards,

Alan S. Weber
Assistant Professor of English
English Department
SUNY Binghamton, NY 13902
607 - 734 - 1659 (H)
607 - 777 - 2168 (O)
607 - 735 - 1913 (O)
607 - 777 - 2408 (FAX)