10.0652 Busa's work

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[1] From: Leo Robert Klein <kleinl@is2.nyu.edu> (21)
Subject: Re: 10.0644 Busa's work

There are also some interesting articles by and about Busa in the
pages of "Computers and the Humanities". You might want to look at a
series of articles on automated concordances and word indexes written by
Delores Burton which appeared in 1981-1982. Also there's an article by
Busa himself in the same journal titled "The Annals of Humanities
Computing : The Index Thomisticus" (Busa 1980). This last goes over some
of his motivations for undertaking the "IT" including the following:
"Each writer expresses his conceptual system in and through his
verbal system, with the consequence that the reader who masters this
verbal system, using his own conceptual system, has to get an insight into
the writer's conceptual system." p. 83.


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