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[1] From: "Michael S. Hart" <hart@prairienet.org> (65)
Subject: Project Gutenberg #800. . .

This is the Project Gutenberg Newsletter for February 4, 1997

It is going to be short because we want to get it out quickly, to get help
on our start on French Etexts. If you can tell why the Stendahl and Verne
are not coming out the same to many of our readers, when the look the same
on my binary readers here, please let me know.

It will take a few tries to get it into shape, so we are starting with low
version numbers, such as xxxxx07.

Those of you who can help, please do. . .our apologies while other wait to
see the finished products.

Those of you who think we should have done it right the first time. . .boy
do you have the wrong number. . .if we waited until we could do it right a
first time. . .we would never have gotten started.

Michael S. Hart
Project Gutenberg
Executive Director

Mon Year Title and Author [# of PG books by the author][filename.ext] ###

A "C" following the Etext number indicates a copyrighted work.

Feb 1997 This Side of Paradise, by F. Scott Fitzgerald [#1][tsoprxxx.xxx] 805
Both of these are version 09 and are not on uiarchive, our link is down
Feb 1997 A Sentimental Journey, by Laurence Sterne [senjrxxx.xxx] 804
Feb 1997 La Duchesse de Palliano, by Stendahl[in French]#6][plnoixxx.xxx] 803
Feb 1997 Vittoria Accoramboni, by Stendahl [in French] #5][xvtraxxx.xxx] 802
Feb 1997 Les Cenci by Stendahl[Marie-Henri Beyle][French#4][xcncixxx.xxx] 801

Jan 1997 Tour Du Mond 80 Jours [in French] by Jules Verne#5[x80jrxxx.xxx] 800
Jan 1997 De La Terre a La Lune [in French] by Jules Verne#4[xlunexxx.xxx] 799
Jan 1997 Le Rouge et Le Noir, by Stendahl [in French] #3[xrougxxx.xxx] 798
Jan 1997 L'Abbesse de Castro etc, by Stendahl[in French] #2[xcstrxxx.xxx] 797
Jan 1997 La Chartreuse de Parme, by Stendahl [in French] #1[xparmxxx.xxx] 796
Jan 1997 Ballads Lyrics and Poems of Old France, by Lang #6[blpofxxx.xxx] 795
Jan 1997 The Wouldbegoods, by E. Nesbit [E. Nesbit #3] [twbgdxxx.xxx] 794
Jan 1997 Aeroplanes and Dirigibles of War, Frederick Talbot[aadowxxx.xxx] 793
Jan 1997 Wieland, The Transformation, by Charles B. Brown [welndxxx.xxx] 792
Jan 1997 The Princess, by Alfred Tennyson [Tennyson #2] [prncsxxx.xxx] 791
Jan 1997 Lady Windermere's Fan, by Oscar Wilde [Wilde #5] [lwfanxxx.xxx] 790
Jan 1997 Gathering of Brother Hilarius, by Michael Fairless[tgobhxxx.xxx] 789
Jan 1997 The Red One, by Jack London [Jack London #6] [tred1xxx.xxx] 788
Jan 1997 The Man Between, by Amelia E. Barr [mnbtwxxx.xxx] 787
Jan 1997 Hard Times, by Charles Dickens [Dickens #15] [hardtxxx.xxx] 786
Jan 1997 Nature of Things, by Lucretius, Tr. W. E. Leonard [natngxxx.xxx] 785
Jan 1997 Boyhood in Norway, by Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen [bnrwyxxx.xxx] 784
Jan 1997 The Lost City, by Joseph E. Badger, Jr. [loctyxxx.xxx] 783
Jan 1997 The Travels of Sir John Mandeville, Author Unknown[tosjmxxx.xxx] 782
Jan 1997 Sinking of the Titanic, et al, by Logal Marhsall [ttnicxxx.xxx] 781
Jan 1997 The War in the Air by H.G. Wells [H.G. Wells #8] [wrairxxx.xxx] 780
Jan 1997 Dr. Faustus, by Christopher Marlowe [Footnotes] [drfstxxx.xxx] 779
Jan 1997 Dr. Faustus, by Christopher Marlowe [No Footnotes][drfstxxa.xxx] 779
Jan 1997 Five Children and It, by E. Nesbit [E. Nesbit #2] [fivitxxx.xxx] 778
Jan 1997 The Mastery of the Air, by William J. Claxton [tmotaxxx.xxx] 777
Jan 1997 Hermione's Group of Thinkers, by Don Marquis DM#4 [hlgstxxx.xxx] 776
Jan 1997 When the Sleeper Wakes, by H.G. Wells [Wells #7] [wtslwxxx.xxx] 775
Jan 1997 Essays and Lectures by Oscar Wilde [Wilde #4] [sandlxxx.xxx] 774
Jan 1997 Lord Arthur Savile's Crime etc, by Oscar Wilde #3 [ldascxxx.xxx] 773
Jan 1997 Moral Emblems, by Robert Louis Stevenson [RLS#35] [moremxxx.xxx] 772
Jan 1997 Biog Notes on the Pseudonymous Bells, C. Bronte #3[brntexxx.xxx] 771
Jan 1997 The Story of the Treasure Seekers, by E. Nesbit #1[tsotsxxx.xxx] 770
Jan 1997 The Book of Tea, by Kakuzo Okakura [tboftxxx.xxx] 769

Feb 1997 This Side of Paradise, by F. Scott Fitzgerald [#1][tsoprxxx.xxx] 805
Both of these are version 09 and are not on uiarchive, our link is down
Feb 1997 A Sentimental Journey, by Laurence Sterne [senjrxxx.xxx] 804