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WILLARD MCCARTY (willard.mccarty@kcl.ac.uk)
Wed, 5 Feb 1997 19:33:55 +0000 (GMT)

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[1] From: Dr Alan Vince <alan@franklin.york.ac.uk> (53)
Subject: Internet Archaeology Update 1

[Editorial note. I pass along the following message, addressed to
registered users of Internet Archaeology, <http://intarch.york.ac.uk/>, to
encourage all Humanists to take a close look at this new online journal.
Well worth the mouse-clicks and (if you live in Europe) also the connect
charges for the local call. --WM]

Dear Internet Archaeology Registered User,

Thank you very much for taking the time to fill in our registration form
and, since you are reading this message, putting in your email address. I
am writing to you to let you know how the journal is doing at present and
to give you details of the next issue.

You are one of nearly 1800 people who have registered to use the journal.
8300 people have visited our web site (excluding those who have only come
to browse at the Antiquity and Archaeology Data Service pages, which we
host here in York).

Our first issue has caused a lot of interest and there are now over 70
links to our journal from other Web sites. We are particularly pleased to
have been awarded a NetGuide Platinum Site award, as one of the top 5000
web sites. Have a look at http://www.netguide.com/ to see what they say
about us. In summary, we scored five stars for overall rating, content
and personality and four stars for design.

One aspect of the design which has aroused adverse comment is our
navigation button bars where we have links back to the main Home Page and
to the particular paper's summary or table of contents. A team of
graphics design students are looking at this to see if we can make the
system more intuitive.

Issue Two is now in preparation and we hope to have the issue published on
the Web by the end of March. We have prepared four papers for publication
which are now awaiting the online refereeing process and feedback from
their authors. These are by David Dungworth, Roger Grace, the Heslerton
Parish Project team (Dominic Powlesland, James Lyall and Daniel Donoghue)
and Robert Daniels.

A further paper, by Robert Mason, is well on the way and if not in Issue
Two will be a certainty for Issue Three.

We have decided to move our mail list from majordomo (which I found very
complex to set up) to mailbase. If you want to be notified as and when
papers are published and to be told of any news, forthcoming papers or
reaction to those already published then please join the list.

Joining intarch-interest

To join intarch-interest send the command:
Join intarch-interest firstname(s) lastname

(substituting appropriately) as the only text in the body of a message
addressed to:


For any queries relating to the list, contact the owner at:


If you are already a member of intarch-interest your membership will be
transferred to the mailbase list automatically.

Thank you once again for your support. We are always looking for
innovative projects which fully utilise the new medium so if you are
involved in a project that you think fits the bill then please contact the
editorial staff. In addition to papers like those in Issue One we are
particularly keen to have excavation reports (on sites of international
importance) and catalogues of major collections of artefacts. Publication
of both of these, we think, could be greatly enhanced by use of the Web.


Alan Vince

Alan Vince, Managing Editor, Internet Archaeology
Email: alan@intarch.york.ac.uk