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[1] From: Yaacov Choueka <choueka@macs.biu.ac.il> (91)
Subject: BISFAI-97 Conference

****** Call for Papers ******
****** NOTE EXTENDED DEADLINE: Feb 20 ********

The Fifth Bar-Ilan Symposium on
Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

June 16-18, 1997
Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel

in cooperation with

Israel Association for Artificial Intelligence
Israeli Society for Theoretical Computer Science
Gelbart Institute for Mathematical Sciences
The Association for Mathematics of Language
The Leibniz Center for Research in Computer Science

The focus of BISFAI '97 will be on Intelligent Agents. The Symposium will,
however, retain its broad scope, and welcomes high quality research papers
in various areas of Artificial Intelligence, including machine learning,
automated reasoning, knowledge representation, neural nets, natural
language processing, etc.

The concept of an agent has become important in both artificial
intelligence and mainstream computer science. An agent is a hardware or
software system that is automonous, interactive with and reactive to its
environment and other agents. An agent can also be pro-active in taking the
initiative in goal-directed behaviour.

We solicit papers in all areas of Artificial Intelligence, and in
particular in the area of Intelligent Agents. Agents have a clear and
growing importance, both practical and theoretical. Because of their
commercial relevance, we encourage practitioners from industry to submit
papers dealing with various practical aspects.

Distinguished Invited Speakers (tentative):

C. Boutilier (U. of British Columbia)
V. Lesser (U. of Massachusetts)
J. Rosenschein (Hebrew U.)
G. Shafer (Rutgers U.)
Y. Shoham (Stanford U.)
P. Struss (Technical University of Munich)
W. Wahlster (DFKI GmbH)

of the new Israeli Federated Computing Conference (IFCC). For contact
points on this conference, see below). The IFCC will also include the
Eighth Israeli Conference on Computer-Based Systems and Software
Engineering (CBSE), which will take place on June 18-19, 1997, and the
Fifth Israeli Symposium on Theory of Computing and Systems (ISTCS'97),
which will take place on June 17-19, 1997.

Paper Submission: Submit three hard copies of an extended abstract (4-10 pages),
or full paper, by February 20nd 1997, to

Leo Joskowicz
Institute of Computer Science
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Givat Ram, Jerusalem 91904, Israel
E-mail: josko@cs.huji.ac.il

Authors will be notified of acceptance by 20th March 1997. A final version
of the accepted will appear in the conference preprints, which will be
distributed to participants at the symposium. Selected refereed full
length papers will be published in a special issue of the Annals of
Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence as a permanent record of the
Symposium. These should be submitted shortly after the conclusion of the

Information on registration, accommodations, etc., will appear in future
announcements, or contact: bisfai@cs.biu.ac.il.
The web page site is: http://www.cs.biu.ac.il:8080/~schwart/bisfai97.html

Symposium Chair

S. Kraus (Bar-Ilan U.)

Program Co-Chairs

D. Lehmann (Hebrew U.)
L. Joskowicz (Hebrew U.)

Program Committee (tentative, in alphabetical order)

Y. Choueka (Bar-Ilan U.)
I. Dagan (Bar-Ilan U.)
R. Dechter (UC-Irvine)
R. Feldman (Bar-Ilan U.)
M. Golumbic (Bar-Ilan U.)
B. Grosz (Harvard U.)
H. Hel-Or (Bar-Ilan U.)
J. Hendler (U. of Maryland)
L. Joskowicz (Hebrew U.)
D. Lehmann (Hebrew U.)
J-J.Meyer (Utrech U.)
L. Morgenstern (IBM TJ Watson Research)
J. Pearl (UCLA)
S. Sagiv (Hebrew U.)
E. Shamir (Hebrew U.)
K. Sycara (Carnegie Mellon U.)
M. Tennenholtz (Technion)


CSBE -- Ron Pinter (pinter@haifasc3.vnet.ibm.com)
IFCC -- Michael Rodeh (rodeh@haifasc3.vnet.ibm.com)
ISTCS -- Yishay Mansour (mansour@cs.tau.ac.il) and
Baruch Schieber (sbar@watson.research.ibm.com)
BISFAI -- Sarit Kraus (sarit@cs.biu.ac.il)
Daniel Lehmann (lehmann@cs.huji.ac.il)