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[1] From: jaikin@neh.fed.us (65)
Subject: Announcement of NEH Fellowships Deadline

Announcement: NEH Fellowships, 1998-99
Deadline: May 1, 1997

The National Endowment for the Humanities announces the
1998-99 competition for NEH Fellowships. These Fellowships
provide opportunities for individuals to pursue advanced
research in the humanities. Applicants may be faculty
members of colleges and universities, staff members of
colleges and universities, or faculty and staff members of
primary and secondary schools. Scholars and writers working
independently or in institutions such as museums, libraries,
and historical associations or in institutions with no
connection to the humanities also are eligible to apply.

Projects supported by NEH Fellowships may contribute to
scholarly knowledge or to the general public's understanding
of the humanities. Such work might eventually produce
scholarly articles; a monograph on a specialized subject; a
book-length treatment of a broad topic; an archaeological
site report; a translation, an edition, or another scholarly

Citizenship: Applicants should be U.S. citizens, native
residents of U.S. jurisdictions, or foreign nationals who
have been legal residents in the U.S. or its jurisdictions
for at least three years immediately preceding the
application deadline.

Eligibility: Scholars affiliated with institutions granting
the Ph.D. in the subject area of the project should apply to
the Fellowships for University Teachers Program. Scholars
affiliated with institutions not granting the Ph.D. in the
subject are of the project, scholars affiliated with other
types of organizations, and independent scholars should
apply to the Fellowships for College Teachers and
Independent Scholars Program. Applicants who professional
training includes a degree program must have received their
degrees or completed all official requirements for them
by the application deadline. Persons seeking support for
work leading toward a degree are not eligible to apply, nor
are active candidates for degrees. Further information on
the two programs is available in the printed guidelines.

Stipends and tenure: Tenure must cover an uninterrupted
period of from six to twelve whole months. The earliest
date that fellows may begin tenure is January 1, 1998, and
the latest is the start of the spring term of the 1998-99
academic year, or April 1, 1999 for those who are not
teachers. Tenure periods for teachers must include at least
one complete term of the academic year.

The maximum stipend is $30,000. Actual stipends will be
based on the academic or annual salary, other support
provided during tenure, and the length of tenure.

Submission of applications: All applications must be
postmarked on or before May 1, 1997. Please note that the
Endowment does not accept applications submitted by fax or
e-mail. Applicants will be notified of the decisions on
their applications by mid-December 1997.

Application materials and information:

Web: <http://www.neh.fed.us/html/guidelin/fellowsh.html>

Fellowships for University Teachers
E-mail: fellowsuniv@neh.fed.us
Phone: 202-606-8466

Fellowships for College Teachers and Independent Scholars
E-mail: fellowscollind@neh.fed.us
Phone: 202-606-8467

Mail inquiries:
NEH Fellowships, Room 318
National Endowment for the Humanities
1100 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20506