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Announcing the First Annual Qualitative Methodology Conference

Reclaiming Voice: Ethnographic Inquiry and Qualitative Research in a
Postmodern Age

June 20-22, 1997

University of Southern California
University of California at Los Angeles
University of California at Irvine

At a time when the pressure for change in the academy is increasingly linked
to the resurgence of conservative and neo-liberal educational discourses and
practices, researchers need to be more direct in countering the attacks in
the public space against alternative research methodologies.

While the need for research to be theoretically rigorous and ethically
accountable is vital, we must be clear that rigor and accountability are not
the sole provinces of conservative and neo-liberal educational discourses and
practices. Good qualitative research helps establish the importance and
validity of human experiences, and improve the human condition.

Reclaiming Voice, the first annual qualitative methodology conference
sponsored by the University of Southern California, the University of
California at Los Angeles, and the University of California at Irvine,
acknowledges differences in inquiry and promotes a verisimilitude of
(re)presentations and analyses. The conference is intended for those of us
concerned about working with alternative methodological and theoretical
frameworks. By joining in rigorous, lively interchanges, participants will
better understand how to utilize ethnographic and qualitative research, as
well as how to (re)claim and (re)present the voice of ourselves and those
with whom we engage in research.

Keynote Speakers
Michele Foster
Insider Research: What Counts as Critical
Yvonna Lincoln
From Understanding to Action: New Imperatives, New Criteria, New Methods in
Qualitative Research
Peter McLaren
The New Critical Ethnography
William Tierney
Life History's History: Subjects Foretold

Guidelines for Proposals

We seek proposals including, but not limited to, the following topics:
1. Afrocentric, critical, feminist, gay/lesbian, and/or postmodern research
2. Creative use of the internet and film
3. Urban ethnography
4. Comparative/international approaches, and/or concern for indigenous
cultures and topics
5. Issues related to narrative, life history, and the role of the author
6. Meta-theorization of research methodology

All proposals will be peer reviewed.

Formats for Presentations:

^P Paper sessions provide each author with an opportunity to present his/her
paper, followed by audience critique and/or discussion.

^P Panel presentations examine a specific problem, issue, or theme from a
variety of perspectives.

^P Interactive sessions allow maximum interaction through focussed dialogue.

^P Performance research allows for an illustration of some aspect of the
presentation through a live performance, such as film, role play, or a
multimedia approach.

Please note audio/visual equipment needs and/or special time requirements in

Format for Proposals:
Cover sheets for proposals must include the following information in this

Title of Presentation:
Name of Authors:
Affiliation(s) and Mailing Address(es):
Telephone number(s):
Fax number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Abstract (50 to 60 words):

A proposal summary (1 to 2 pages) of goals, perspectives/theoretical
framework, research methods, and findings is also required.

The deadline for proposals is April 1, 1997.

Mail three copies of proposal cover sheet and proposal summary, and two
self-addressed, stamped business envelopes, to:

Patrick Dilley
Conference Proposals
Center for Higher Education Policy Analysis
University of Southern California
Waite Phillips Hall #701
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0031

Reclaiming Voice: Ethnographic Inquiry and Qualitative Research Methods
Los Angeles, CA

June 20-22, 1997




City:___________________________ State:______________ ZIP:______

Phone:_________________________ Fax:__________________________


Please send me graduate student housing information: Yes No

Registration Fees: Please submit a check for $50 ($25 for students), made
payable to the University of Southern California.

Please mail your check and this form by June 13, 1997 to: Patrick Dilley,
Center for Higher Education Policy Analysis, 701 Waite Phillips Hall,
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0031.

Reclaiming Voice: Ethnographic Inquiry and Qualitative Research in a
Postmodern Age

Advisory Board
Michelle Fine, City University of New York
Michele Foster, Claremont Graduate School of Education
Doug Kellner, University of California at Los Angeles
Patti Lather, Ohio State University
Yvonna Lincoln, Texas A&M University
Jeannie Oakes, University of California at Los Angeles
Donald Polkinghorne, University of Southern California
Nelly Stromquist, University of Southern California
Henry Trueba, Harvard University

Conference Co-Chairs
Patrick Dilley, USC
Michelle Knight, UCLA
Peter McLaren, UCLA
Louis Miron, UCI
William G. Tierney, USC

Registration Information

All participants and attendees of Reclaiming Voice should register by June
13, 1997. After June 13, 1997, registration will be limited due to space
availability. Registration cost for Reclaiming Voice is $50. Students
attending the conference receive a discounted rate of $25. Checks and money
orders should be made payable to University of Southern California. Sorry,
no cash or credit cards can be accepted.


Reclaiming Voice will be held at the University of Southern California, in
exciting downtown Los Angeles. Conference rates are available at two hotels.
Directly across from the USC campus is the Sheraton Crowne Plaza, with
single rooms at $73.00 per night, doubles at $78.00, plus 14% tax. Closer to
the heart of downtown is the four star, four diamond Wyndham Checkers Hotel,
a five-minute cab ride from the USC campus; rooms at the Wyndham Checkers are
$105.00 per night (plus 14% tax), single or double.

Reservations for the Crowne Plaza can be made at 800/872-1104 (or in
California, 800/244-7331); be sure to mention the Reclaiming Voice
conference, and code 2-REC. Reservations must be made at the Crowne Plaza by
May 19, 1997, for this discounted rate.

Reservations for the Wyndham Checkers can be made at 213/644-0000, extension
400, or 800/WYNDHAM. Be sure to tell the reservationist that you are with
the USC Reclaiming Voice conference.

Students attending Reclaiming Voice have the option of accommodations on the
USC campus. Prices vary according to the number of persons and type of
accommodation. Residence hall rooms start at approximately $38 per night.
Indicate your interest in graduate student housing in your Conference
Registration Form. For reservations, contact

To register for Reclaiming Voice, complete and return the Registration Form
on this brochure to:

Patrick Dilley
Conference Registration
Center for Higher Education Policy Analysis
University of Southern California
Waite Phillips Hall #701
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0031.

Want to be a session chair?

We are looking for volunteers to introduce and moderate sessions. Let us
know of your research backgrounds and interests!

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or contact:

Patrick Dilley
Center for Higher Education Policy Analysis
University of Southern California
701 Waite Phillips Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0031
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