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[1] From: "S. Jager" <jager@let.rug.nl> (111)
Subject: Language Teaching and Language Technology - Call for

[2] From: David Green <david@cni.org> (97)
Subject: digital scanning and preservation conference

Date: Fri, 21 Feb 1997 11:22:41 +0000
From: "S. Jager" <jager@let.rug.nl>
Subject: Language Teaching and Language Technology - Call for=20

[Editorial note: Accented characters in the original did not survive; I
have tried to guess what they were, and when I couldn't have replaced them
with a "-". Apologies for mangling surnames. --WM]

Language Teaching and Language Technology
28-29 April 1997
University of Groningen
The Netherlands

Call for participation
A provisional programme is now available for "Language Teaching
and Language Technology", an international conference which aims
to bring together experts in CALL from teaching, research and

Colleagues working in these fields are invited to participate
in the conference. The registration fee is Dfl 100.-, (Dfl. 80.-
for early registration) but further discounts are available. For
registration details (including a registration form) and further
conference information, please visit our web site at
http://www.let.rug.nl/~call97/ .

A list of speakers is given below. For further information, you can
reach us at call-conf@let.rug.nl.

Sake Jager
LTLT Coordinator
(also for Arthur van Essen and John Nerbonne, co-chairs)
List of speakers and topics

Borchardt, Frank (CALICO)
On Current Didactic Issues in CALL
Heppell, Stephen (ULTRALAB/Anglia Polytechnic University, Essex)
On Educational Policy and CALL
Karttunnen, Lauri (Rank Xerox, Grenoble)
On the Technological Horizon
Ven, Joke van der (Wolters-Noordhof, Groningen)
On the Publisher's Perspective

Selected (provisional list):
Allodi, Alessandro, Duco A. Dokter and Edwin Kuipers (University of
WELLS: Web-Enhanced Language Learning
Barlow, Michael (Rice University/Athelstan Publications)
Monolingual and Bilingual Concordance Programs for Language Learning
Bel, Eric and Bruce Ingraham (University of Teesside)
"I want to be able to know how to go about learning French for myself
Bernstein, Jared (Entropic Research Laboratory Inc.)
Speech Recognition in Japanese Spoken Language Education
Carson-Berndsen, Julie (Universit=E4t Bielefeld)
Computational Autosegmental Phonology in Pronunciation Teaching
Desmarais, Lise and Michel Laurier (Canadian Foreign Service
Evaluating Learning and Interactions in a Multimedia Environment
D-az de Ilarraza, A, M. Maritxalar and M. Oronoz (University of the
Basque Country)
Reusability of Language Technology in support of Corpus Studies in
an ICALL Environment
Dokter, D.A, J. Nerbonne, L. Schurcks-Grozeva and P. Smit
(University of Groningen)
Glosser-RUG: a user study
D-ntsch, Ivo and G-nther Gediga (University of Ulster, Universitaet
Knowledge structures and their Application in CALL systems
Hamilton, Simon (Exlingua International)A CALL User study
Heerkens, Lidwien (Catholic University of Brabant)
TUMULT: a multimedia program for listening comprehension (DEMO)
Hendricks, Harold H. (Brigham Young University)
Large-scale Implementation of Spanish CALL at Brigham Young
Heuven, Vincent J. van (University of Leiden)
COOL - A programme for Computer-Assisted Parsing
Holliday, Lloyd (La Trobe University)
The Grammar of Second Language Learners of English EMAIL Messages
Hu, Qian, Jeff Hopkins and Marianne Phinney (Inso Corporation)
A CALL Product for English Reading and Writing
Jager, Sake (University of Groningen)
Hologram: A Language Learning Environment for Teachers and Students
McCreesh, Bernadine (Universite du Quebec a Chicoutimi)
Vocabulary improvement University of Quebec
Murphy, Maureen, Anja Kr-ger and Andrea Grieszl (University of Ulster,
University of Osnabr-ck, Institut fuer Logik und Linguistik IBM)
RECALL-Towards a knowledge-based approach to CALL
Nerbonne, John (University of Groningen)
Glosser (DEMO)
Paskaleva, Elena and Stoyan Michov (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
Align and Search (Variations on a Theme by Church)
Rothenberg, Martin (Syracuse Language Systems)
The New Face of Distance Learning in Language Instruction
Selva, Thierry, F. Issac, T. Chanier and C. Fouquere
(Universit=E9 de Franche-Comte and Universit=E9 Paris 13)
Lexical Comprehension and Production in Alexia System
Skrelin, Pavel and Nina Volskaya (Saint-Petersburg State University)
The Application of New Technologies in the Development of Education
Vergaro, Carla (University of Rome 3)
Case study Rome Linguistic Centre
Vos, Sjoerd de (University of Groningen)
Computer-Assisted Testing in Teaching Dutch as a Second Language
Weis, Uta (University of Hamburg)
Hypertext and Reading in a Foreign Language
Witt, Silke and Steve Young (Cambridge University, UK)
Computer-assisted Pronunciation Teaching based on Automatic Speech
Yablonsky, Serge A. (St Petersburg University)
New Capabilities for Russian and Ukranian Language Learning Based on
the Language Processor Russicon
E-mail: call-conf@let.rug.nl=09Mail=09Drs. S. Jager
Tel: +31 50 3635921=09=09=09Faculty of Arts, University of Groningen
Fax: +31 50 3635821=09=09=09PO Box 716
=09=09=09=09=09=09=099700 AS Groningen,

Date: Thu, 20 Feb 1997 18:27:13 -0500
From: David Green <david@cni.org>
Subject: digital scanning and preservation conference

Gay Tracy <tracy@NEDCC.ORG>
(by way of david@cni.org (David Green))

January 20, 1997

Preservation and Access in a Digital World

A Conference Presented by the Northeast Document Conservation Center

At the Berkeley Marina Marriott Hotel, Berkeley, California, May 12 - 14,

The School for Scanning Conference is funded in part by The Andrew W. Mello=
Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities and cosponsored by
The Getty Information Institute and the National Park Service.

What is the School for Scanning? A seminar that will take the mystery out o=
digital technology.

Issues covered include:
* Basics of Digital Technology
* Deciphering Digital Jargon:
* Practical Guide to File Formats
* Content Selection for Digitiza-tion
* Legal Issues of Digital Technology
* Text and Image Scanning
* Quality Control and Costs
* Essentials of Metadata
* Digital Preservation: Fact or Fiction
* World Wide Web Applications
* CD-ROM Applications

Who Should Attend?
If you are a librarian, archivist, curator,
interpreter, historic preservation specialist, registrar, or other cultural
or natural resource manager, you will be interested in attending the School
for Scanning. No prior knowledge of digital media is required.

Who Are the Faculty?
Steve Dalton, NEDCC;
Ben Davis, The Getty Information Institute;
Peter Lyman, University of California-Berkeley;
Ricky Erway, Research Libraries Group;
Steve Puglia, National Archives and Records Administration;
Steve Chapman, Harvard University;
Howard Besser, University of California-Berkeley;
Franziska Frey, Image Permanence Institute;
Anne Gilliland-Swetland, University of California-Los Angeles;
Barclay Ogden, University of California-Berkeley,
Diane Vogt-O'Connor, National Park Service,
Melissa Smith Levine, Library of Congress;
Paul Handly, National
Park Service;
Natalie Munn, University of California-Berkeley;
Bob Futernick, California Palace of the Legion of Honor;
Pam Samuelson, University of California-Berkeley and
Deborah Hunt, the Exploratorium.

What does the conference cost?
The cost is $245, including lunches. All participants will also be
responsible for all their travel and lodging costs. The number of
participants is limited and registration applications will be accepted on a
first-come-first-served basis. The deadline to register is April 25, 1997.

Registration Information:
The cost of the seminar is $245 including lunches. All participants will
also be responsible for all their travel and lodging costs. The number of
participants is limited and registration applications will be accepted on a
first-come-first-served basis. The deadline to register is April 25, 1997.
Each application must be accompanied by a check for the total amount payabl=
to the Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC). Refunds will be
given up to one week prior to the workshop. Substitutions are acceptable
with notification.

A block of rooms has been reserved at the Berkeley Marina Marriott, 200
Marina Boulevard, Berkeley, CA 94710; at a special group rate ($94 or $114
for the marina view). Conference participants must contact the hotel
directly, at 510 548-7920 and identify themselves as part of the NEDCC
group. Reserve as soon as possible as space is limited. The block of room=
and the group rate are available on a first-come first served basis until
April 18, 1997.

If you are a person who is blind or deaf, please notify NEDCC three weeks
ahead of the program so we can meet you special needs.

To request a flier with the agenda contact Gail Pfeifle at NEDCC at
508-470-1010 or email pfeifle@nedcc.org.

To register for the conference
return this form with your check for $245 to:
Northeast Document Conservation Center
attn.: Gail Pfeifle
100 Brickstone Square
Andover, MA 01810-1494.
Street Address:
State: Zip:

Gay S. Tracy
Public Relations Coordinator
Northeast Document Conservation Center
100 Brickstone Square
Andover MA 01810-1494
Tel 508 470-1010
Fax 508 475-6021