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[1] From: RJOHARA@iris.uncg.edu (23)
Subject: "Iter <something>" -- "Journey to where we are"

I have a typical scholar's problem that I hope some HUMANISTs might be able
to help me with. Several months ago I came across an interesting paper in
the library and said to myself, "Hmm, I'll have to come back and copy this
sometime. No need to write it down; I'll remember the citation." And of
course I did not. I don't really expect anyone to actually come up with
the citation, so fragmentary is my recollection, but perhaps someone can
identify the concept that was being discussed.

The paper was about a narrative genre which was termed, in Latin, "Iter
<something>", meaning "Journey to where we are", or "How we got to where we
are now." The concept wasn't necessarily construed geographically; it might
refer to a history that tells how "we" got to where we are at this point
in time. The important point was that the narrative wasn't a comprehensive
history or geography, but rather just a point-to-point story from where
we were to where we are.

Does this particular concept ring any bells with anyone? Is the particular
term "Iter <something>" known as a distinctive label for this genre? I will
welcome any suggestions.

Bob O'Hara

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