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[1] From: Nico Weenink <noki@worldonline.nl> (23)
Subject: Interesting article in Scientific American

Dear colleagues,

In the March-issue of Scientific American there's a special report called:
The Internet: Fulfilling the Promise (page 41-73). Several contributors are
giving their view on very diverse subjects, such as 'Searching the web'
(Clifford Lynch), 'Finding pictures on the web' (Gary Stix), 'Filtering
information on the internet' (Paul Resnick), 'Multilingualism and the
internet' (Bruno Oudet), Going digital (Michael Lesk) and a lot more.
I really liked the article Michael Lesk wrote about digital libraries. Some

"Electronic libraries will make today's Internet pale by comparison. But
building them will not be easy."
"By 2000, half the material accessed in major libraries will be digital."
Go and check it out now at your local bookstore (or somewhere).

All the best,


Nico Weenink
University of Utrecht
The Netherlands

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