10.0799 KAIROS call for hypertexts

WILLARD MCCARTY (willard.mccarty@kcl.ac.uk)
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 08:03:48 +0000 (GMT)

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[1] From: Mick Doherty <doherm@rpi.edu> (43)
Subject: Call For Hypertexts: Kairos 2.2 (Fall 1997)

_Kairos: A Journal For Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments_
Issue 2.2 (Fall 1997)

_Kairos_ is a hypertext journal exploring all aspects of the pedagogical
and scholarly uses of hypertext, written in hypertextual format(s). It is
designed to serve as a resource for teachers, researchers, and tutors of
writing, including : Technical Writing, Business Writing, Professional
Communication, Creative Writing, Composition, Literature and a wide
variety of humanities-based scholarship.

We are interested in receiving submissions addressing (but not limited to)
the following:

*hypertexts designed to help ground pedagogical theory in classroom praxis;

*reports on empirical research conducted in and related to networked writin=

*editorials from teachers regarding classroom experiences;

*sample syllabi, with notes and commentary from teachers and students;

*additional material in categories listed below.

Please see our most recent issue at:

Inquiries for the Fall 1997 issue are due no later than May 15, 1997.
Completed texts for review are due by September 1, 1997.
Target publication date for the Fall 1997 issue is October 15, 1997.
Address questions and inquiries to Editor Mick Doherty at: mick@rpi.edu

******** Special Calls for contributions to Kairos=CA2.2 ********

The Coverweb project is a multi-vocal, multi-linear hypertext
collaboratively written and reviewed for each issue of the journal.
The Coverweb topic for issue 2.2 is "Gender and the Web." The actual
implementation of this topic is open to interpretation; all proposals will
be considered. Proposals are also sought for future Coverweb topics.

Contact: Coverweb Editor Douglas Eyman, eymand@wilmington.net

We are seeking news articles/webtexts that focus on Distance Education
or Virtual Universities; "E-List" reviews of Distance Education listservs,
listprocs or newsgroups; Conference wrap-up reports for CCCC, C&W, NEACW,
MAACW and other related events; Software and website reviews of teaching
tools and resources; Reviews of "PaperTexts" in any of three categories:

*internet "classics" like Landow, Nelson, Lanham;
*internet pedagogy texts like _English Online_, _Online!_ and _Writing the
Information Superhighway_;
*important new scholarly texts.

Contact: Sections Editor Claudine Keenan, cgk4@psu.edu

_Kairos_ is sponsored by the national Alliance for Computers and Writing: