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[1] From: REISDOERFER <joseph.reisdoerfer@iserp.lu> (20)
Subject: Online Publishing

[The following from Professor Joseph Reisdoerfer (Centre Universitaire de
Luxembourg) on a recent electronic publication, whose URL follows. I have
added it to my Overview of online publication,
Suggestions for additional items would be welcome. --WM]

I have recently published two old French texts (Serments de Strasbourg
& Cantilene de Sainte Eulalie)
<http://www.restena.lu/cul/BABEL/1_T_A_Ling_Tit.html> which you could
perhaps add to your overview.

Regards, JR


Dr Joseph REISDOERFER, Professeur, LCD & ISERP.
* TEL.: 352-55 20 04; FAX: 352-55 20 01.
* SNAIL-MAIL: 17, rue Emile Mayrisch, L-4240 ESCH / ALZETTE, Grand-Duche
de Luxembourg.
* E-MAIL: -100104.1055@compuserve.com
* Site WWW du CunLux:
ARANEOLA: http://www.restena.lu/cul/ARANEOLA/ARANEOLA.html