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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 10, No. 833.
Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities (Princeton/Rutgers)
Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London
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[1] From: AL SHOAF <rashoaf@clas.ufl.edu> (28)
Subject: EXEMPLARIA Preprint of "PIERS PLOWMAN and the Sublime"

[2] From: "H-clc (Barbara Diederichs)" <bdiederi@ucsd.edu> (11)
Subject: Longman Web Site

[3] From: "Michael S. Hart" <hart@prairienet.org> (284)
Subject: April Project Gutenberg Newsletter

Date: Sun, 6 Apr 1997 13:33:14 -0400 (EDT)
From: AL SHOAF <rashoaf@clas.ufl.edu>
Subject: EXEMPLARIA Preprint of "PIERS PLOWMAN and the Sublime"

The Editors of EXEMPLARIA are pleased to announce the electronic
preprint of "PIERS PLOWMAN and the Sublime" by Murray J. Evans (The
University of Winnipeg) which is currently scheduled to appear in EXEMPLARIA
9.2 (October 1997). The preprint is accessible at URL


and will remain on-line through the summer. There is a "mailto" link on the
sub-page for those who wish to communicate with Professor Evans.

Recent server and drive changes have caused some minor glitches for
EXEMPLARIA's mainpage; if you encounter difficulties, please call them to
our attention at


or use the "mailto" link on the mainpage.

We are gratified by the response to our preprint activity, and we
look forward to hearing from readers who have comments or suggestions.

Thank you,
Al Shoaf

R. Allen Shoaf
Alumni Professor of English
University of Florida
Senior Editor, EXEMPLARIA
352.392-5299; 371-7149
FAX 352.392.0860

Date: Wed, 2 Apr 1997 22:18:08 -0800
From: "H-clc (Barbara Diederichs)" <bdiederi@ucsd.edu>
Subject: Longman Web Site

From: AWLongman@aol.com [SMTP:AWLongman@aol.com]
Sent: Wednesday, April 02, 1997 11:43 AM

Addison-Wesley Longman, a leading publisher of higher-education texts, is
soliciting suggestions for a Web site to support its freshman
composition, technical writing, literature, and developmental english

If you are an academic professional who uses the web and have ideas about
resources or content that would be helpful for the site to offer, please
send your thoughts via email to <AW Longman@aol.com>.

Thank you in advance,

The New Media Group
Addison-Wesley Longman

Date: Thu, 3 Apr 1997 11:28:15 -0500 (EST)
From: "Michael S. Hart" <hart@prairienet.org>
Subject: April Project Gutenberg Newsletter

This is the Project Gutenberg Newsletter for April 3, 1997

!!!Next month should see the presentation of Etext #900!!!

In addition to the 32 Etexts prepared in March, 1997, this
Newsletter would like to address the following topics:

0. Sending Us Files

1. Lost Etexts

2. Etexts In More Languages

3. The Complete Works Of Various Authors

4. Etext #1,000

5. Etexts In More Formats

6. New Project Gutenberg Sites


0. Sending Us Files

We have added a new "outgoing" site as prairienet is often
full, and mrcnext is going down permanently as soon as the
files and operations there are moved. If you have trouble
FTPing files to us, please let me know and I will send you
a new location and password.

1. Lost Etexts

We have been made aware of several Etexts and several site
locations that are in danger of being lost to the public:
including, but not limited to, "The Oxford Book of English
Verse," and Gunther Hille's site for German Etexts.

If you can assist us preserving these materials, we should
be able to do the copyright research and repost them for a
new generation of people to use. Even if the copyright is
not certain, we can see to it that they end up in Internet
Archives at archive.org.

Please help us save any materials, any site, any language.

2. Etexts In More Languages

We would like to encourage you to help with more languages
for the Etext libraries, even if it is just one short book
or other work. We need to show people of every language a
possibility of have their works made available to the wide
world of computer users on and off the Internet.

All formats are encouraged, and all materials of a general
interest, whether original or translations.

We need some serious help with these, even if for only the
first few books to get the ball rolling, or in preparation
of materials we have received, as I am somewhat limited in
my abilities to edit and present materials in the language
and format of many of the materials we would like to do.

We would like Etexts in the following languages:

1. Arabic
2. Chinese
2. Esperanto
4. French
5 German
6. Greek
7. Hebrew
8. Hungarian
9. Italian
10. Korean
11. Japanese
12. Lithuanian
13. Portuguese
14. Romanian
15. Russian
16. Slovak
17. Spanish

Please let us know if you have other languages to add,
in whatever format. We should love to include Native
American and Canadian Etexts, in addition to the ones
we have already produced, and those from any other of
the world's cultures you might be able to provide.

3. The Complete Works Of Various Authors

With Robert Louis Stevenson's "The Master of Ballantrae"
[The first book listed below], we are nearly complete in
our "Complete Works of Robert Louis Stevenson," and need
only the following two works of which he was co-author:

The Ebb Tide


The Wrecker

Please advise if you can help with either of these or if
you are aware of any other material, even letters, notes
or anything else that we could add to our collection.


We have decent starts on the Complete Dickens, Twain and
Wilde, and would like your suggestions for other authors
for whom a complete collection would be desired. Please
let us know if you would like to work on any of these.

We would also like to start on the complete works of the
major authors in other languages and also in translation
into English and perhaps other languages. For many book
titles there will already be a Public Domain translation
... . .but we would also like to be prepared to make some,
in cases in which copyrights have been unduly extended.

We are making a start with Dumas.

We are forming an Ibsen Team:

Kirsten will find the books, we will do the copyright clearances,
she will then scan them and provide them to you for proofreading.

Kirsten Tozer
Documents Librarian
Central Washington University

4. Etext #1,000

As we approach our 1,000th Etext, Project Gutenberg would like a
variety of suggestions for the 900th, 999th, 1,000th and 1,001th
Etexts; we would like to do something as appropriate as possible
for these, including a possible Etext of Homer's Odyssey: to do
some added reading with next month's television spectacular. We
do not necessarily agree that all media presentations are a best
possible endeavor, but they are, at least, a place to start.

As promised, as we approach Etext #1,000, we are working on some
presentation of a "catalogue" for our budding little library; if
you are interested in working on or testing our search programs,
and other implementations, or if you are one of the persons from
whom we received requests for books to volunteer on, please mail
Dianne Bean, Director of Production at beand@pr.erau.edu; Dianne
can set you up with books to find, scan or proofread, or library
research for the proper editions and copyright research.

***Thanks Dianne!!!***

5. Etexts In More Formats

We would like some volunteers to work with other formats than in
the Plain Vanilla ASCII format that ALL people can read; this is
particularly important as we try different languages; I, myself,
do not have the facilities to paste our headers on HTML, PS, and
various other files we are receiving.

This would probably only take 10 minutes per book as I will send
you both the file and the header, and all you will have to do is
combine them and make sure the resulting file is readable.

6. We have some interesting new sites going up around the world
and would like to increase service in the southern hemisphere; a
site is going up in New Zealand, with a point of presence [POP],
in Australia, and we would like to provide more service to wider
areas of Australia, as well as to start service in South America
and Africa. Please let us know of any possibilities. The lists
of our current sites follows the list of this month's Etexts.

Here are the 32 Project Gutenberg Etexts we prepared last month:

Mon Year Title and Author [# of PG books by the author][filename.ext] ###

Mar 1997 Master of Ballantrae by Robert Louis Stevenson #38[blntrxxx.xxx] 864
Mar 1997 The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie[masacxxx.xxx] 863
Mar 1997 [Harvard] Philosophy 4, by Owen Wister [phil4xxx.xxx] 862
Mar 1997 The Dominion of the Air, by J. M. Bacon [dmairxxx.xxx] 861

Mar 1997 Baby Mine, by Margaret Mayo [Margaret Mayo #2] [bminexxx.xxx] 860
Mar 1997 Polly of the Circus, by Margaret Mayo [Mayo #1] [pcrcsxxx.xxx] 859
Mar 1997 Stage-Land, by Jerome K. Jerome [J. K. Jerome #6] [jjstgxxx.xxx] 858
Mar 1997 Evergreens, by Jerome K. Jerome [J. K. Jerome #5] [jjevgxxx.xxx] 857

Mar 1997 Dreams, by Jerome K. Jerome [Jerome K. Jerome #4] [jjdrmxxx.xxx] 856
Mar 1997 Clocks, by Jerome K. Jerome [Jerome K. Jerome #3] [jjclkxxx.xxx] 855
Mar 1997 A Woman of No Importance, by Oscar Wilde [Wilde#7][awonixxx.xxx] 854
Mar 1997 The Confutatio Pontificia, edited by J. M. Reu [cfpntxxx.xxx] 853

Mar 1997 Democracy and Education, by John Dewey [JDewey #1][dmeduxxx.xxx] 852
Mar 1997 Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson [crmmrxxx.xxx] 851
Mar 1997 Tom Grogan, by F. Hopkinson Smith [grognxxx.xxx] 850
Mar 1997 Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow, Jerome K. Jerome2[jjidlxxx.xxx] 849

Mar 1997 The Black Arrow, by Robert Louis Stevenson [RLS37][blckaxxx.xxx] 848
Mar 1997 Lays of Ancient Rome by Thomas Babbington Macaulay[lromexxx.xxx] 847
Mar 1997 The Life of Gen. Francis Marion, by M. L. Weems [wfmarxxx.xxx] 846
Mar 1997 The Poems of Henry Timrod, by Henry Timrod [htimrxxx.xxx] 845

Mar 1997 The Importance of Being Earnest, by Oscar Wilde #6[tiobexxx.xxx] 844
Mar 1997 The Life of Francis Marion, by W. Gilmore Simms [1sfoxxxx.xxx] 843
Mar 1997 Carwin the Biloquist, by Charles Brockden Brown [moctbxxx.xxx] 842
Mar 1997 Men, Women and Ghosts, by Amy Lowell [Lowell #2] [almwgxxx.xxx] 841

Mar 1997 Lorna Doone, A Romance of Exmoor by R.D. Blackmore[lornaxxx.xxx] 840
Mar 1997 New Arabian Nights, by Robert Louis Stevenson[#36][narabxxx.xxx] 839
Mar 1997 Jasmin: Barber, Poet, Philanthropist by Smiles [jasmnxxx.xxx] 838
Mar 1997 The Story of the Amulet, by E. Nesbit [EB#5] [tsamuxxx.xxx] 837

Mar 1997 The Phoenix and the Carpet, by E. Nesbit [EB#4] [phcarxxx.xxx] 836
Mar 1997 The Gray Brethren, by Michael Fairless [Barber] #3[grybrxxx.xxx] 835
Mar 1997 Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle #11[memhoxxx.xxx] 834
Mar 1997 Theory of the Leisure Class, by Thorstein Veblen [totlcxxx.xxx] 833

You can get the Project Gutenberg books via FTP and the Web:

Our newest site:
Adam Moore <sickboy@ihug.co.nz> and Sydney, AU


[This site is in Urbana, Illinois, and is quite fast]
ftp uiarchive.cso.uiuc.edu or ftp
login: anonymous
password: yourname@your.machine
cd pub
cd etext
cd gutenberg
[or just cd /pub/etext/gutenberg/etext97]
cd etext97 [96, 95,94, 93, 92, 91 or 90. 70's and 80's are in /etext90]
get filename (be sure to set bin, if you get the .zip files)
get more files

get GUTINDEX.96 to see all Project Gutengberg Etexts to date.
get GUTINDEX.?97 to see current releases.
New files in etext97, of course.

ftp prairienet.org
*** [This is usually the first site they appear in, but is slow]
[This site is in Champaign, Illinois]
ftp ftp.prairienet.org or ftp
username: anonymous
password: yourlogin@your.machine.domain
[this is your email address where you are]

cd pub/providers/gutenberg/etext97 [etc, as above]

ls or dir for a listing of files

get filename.txt (ascii files)
get filename.zip (binary zipped files)

be sure to type "binary" before retrieving the .zip files!


For those on the East Coast of the United States we have
sailor.gutenberg.org or in Baltimore, MD.
This site should provide very fast service for both WWW
and FTP service.

has a page pointing to mirror sites.

is Sailor's web page for its gutenberg site

gets you to the Sailor/gutenberg ftp server
which can also be reached from the web site above.


In Europe, please try our site at:
Bucharest High School of Computer Science
Serving Central and Eastern Europe

and a new site up at:

http://www.informika.ru -- official server of the
Ministry of Education of Russia (the Russian part
of the server not equivalent to the English one).


This is only available on the Russian language side of
their system, but is pretty easy to see. Click on the
WINDOWS icon at the bottom of the main menu. Then, on
the lower left selection [the web names will pop up in
English] which is /books. The first one of that list,
The Palms Russian Public Library, is Project Gutenberg
Etexts in .zip format as mirrored from uiarchive.

ftp://ftp.pinknet.cz/pub/etext/gutenberg/ in the Czech Republic.


in Singapore

The Gutenberg archive can also be accessed from Singapore at

These two addresses reflect the same database in Singapore.
and others are starting soon in Japan and Taiwan.


Project Gutenberg Web Sites can now be reached at:
[This site is in Nevada]
http://promo.net/pg/ [This is the definitive site for now]

and from Silicon Valley at
and etext96/95/94/93/92/91 and etext90, of course.

and from Dallas, Texas at

And for you Gopher types:



And our newest site:
Adam Moore <sickboy@ihug.co.nz> and Sydney, AU

Please let me know if you need more information.

Michael S. Hart
Project Gutenberg


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Michael S. Hart
Project Gutenberg
Executive Director


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