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[1] From: Wayne Citrin <citrin@cs.colorado.edu> (259)
Subject: CFP: ACM MULTIMEDIA '97 -- Seattle, WA, November 10-
14, 1997

Call For Participation Call For Participation
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The 5th ACM International Multimedia Conference

November 8-14, 1997
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Seattle

Sponsored by ACM SIGMM,
In Cooperation With
(tentative lists)


http://www.acm.org/sigmm/MM97 http://www.uni-mannheim.de/acm97

ACM's annual MULTIMEDIA conference is the premier forum where researchers
and developers from academia and industry around the world can meet to
exchange ideas and report on new developments relating to all aspects of
multimedia technology and systems. The world of computing continues to
reinvent itself. Just as we previously witnessed a dramatic transformation
from textual to visual computing, we are now in the midst of an exciting
metamorphosis to an era of multimodal computing whose ultimate shape is as
yet unknown. The conference scope spans technology, tools and techniques
for the construction and delivery of high quality, innovative multimedia
systems and interfaces.

We are especially striving this year to achieve balance in coverage within
the technical program, between issues relating to underlying system design
and delivery - e.g.,

--hardware and architectures
--networking and communications
--compression and synchronization
--databases and information retrieval
--collaboration environments
--digital libraries

and issues relating to the human-computer interface - e.g.,

--hot application domains
--document models and authoring tools
--scalable and translucent interfaces
--interactive audio documents
--alternate modality systems
--virtual realities

We cordially invite -YOU- to take part in this exciting event by submitting
your work in one or more of the ways enumerated below, and look forward to
welcoming -YOU- to Seattle this fall for what will be a most rewarding and
exciting experience!

See below for submission categories and addresses

TECHNICAL PAPERS of the high quality expected at major ACM conferences
are solicited. These may fall into a variety of categories:

(a) Presentation of original and significant research.
(b) Results of relevant and rigorous empirical studies.
(c) Description of the `look and feel' and discussion of the
internal workings of an implemented system.

Papers must be set in 11-point type and formatted in two-column conference
style, and may not exceed 12 pages in length including all figures, tables,
and references. An award will be given for the best paper, as judged by
the program committee. Papers with a student as the primary author will
separately enter a student paper award competition; a cover letter must
identify your paper as a candidate for the student paper competition, if
applicable. All authors are encouraged to send a short video with their
paper if possible, to clarify and reinforce the concepts discussed - but
acceptance will be based primarily on the written paper itself.

Authors of accepted papers will be required to prepare an electronic
version for the on-line conference proceedings, which will supplement
the traditional printed volume. Authors must assign copyright to ACM as
a condition of publishing their work in the proceedings. An author who
embeds an object, such as an art image, copyrighted by a third party is
expected to obtain that party's permission to include the object with the
understanding that the entire work may be distributed as a unity to ACM
members and others.

All submissions -must- be received no later than Tuesday, June 3, 1997
(this is a firm deadline). Send 8 copies of full papers to the Program

James D. Hollan
Computer Science Department
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131
E-mail: hollan@cs.unm.edu
Tel. (505) 277 3112
Fax: (505) 277 6927

Authors will be notified regarding acceptance on or around July 6, and
will be required to return the revised camera-ready copy, the electronic
version, and a completed registration form (at least one per paper), by
August 10.


PANEL PROPOSALS up to 3 pages in length on timely and controversial
topics are also welcome. These submissions should be formatted like a
technical paper, and if accepted will be included in the conference
proceedings. They should include:

(a) An introduction by the organizer/moderator.
(b) Position statements from each panelist.
(c) Brief biographical sketches of all participants.

Send 4 copies of panel proposals to the Panels Chair:

Takayuki Dan Kimura
Computer Science Department
Washington University
St. Louis, MO 63130
E-mail: tdk@cs.wustl.edu
Tel. (314) 935 6122


TWO DAYS OF IN-DEPTH COURSES by leading experts will precede the technical
program and enhance its value for both novice and seasoned professional
alike. The full- and half-day offerings will span a wide variety of topics,
so that there is something for everybody. Course organizers receive an
honorarium which can be used, for example, to defray part of the cost of
attending the conference. We invite you to take advantage of this excellent

Proposals to organize/present a course at ACM MULTIMEDIA'97 should be 3-4
pages long, to include the following information in the order shown:

(a) Cover page:
o Name and affiliation of the proposer/organizer.
o Course title.
o Preferred duration (full day or half day).
o Level (introductory, intermediate, or advanced).
o Names and affiliations of additional speakers, if any.
o Intended audience.
o Course abstract/overview - what will attendees learn?
o A/V aids to be used in the presentation.
(b) Detailed course description and outline (1-2 pages); if more
than one presenter, who will cover each topic/section?
(c) Biographical sketch of each speaker (one paragraph apiece), to
include: current research interests; important publications,
projects and/or awards (as appropriate); and courses previously
presented at other conferences.

Send 4 copies of course proposals to the Courses Chair:

Margaret Burnett
Computer Science Department
Oregon State University .
Corvallis, Oregon 97331 .
E-mail: burnett@cs.orst.edu
Tel. (541) 737 2539
Fax: (541) 737 3014


DAY-LONG WORKSHOPS on topics of great current interest to members of the
multimedia research community will both precede and follow the technical
program. Participation is by invitation only, under the control of the
individual organizer(s), but all workshop organizers and attendees are
expected to register for the conference as well, to foster a symbiotic
relationship among participants.

If you'd like to take advantage of this venue to conduct -YOUR- workshop,
please contact the Workshops Chair:

Stephen Itoga
319 Keller Hall / ICS
University of Hawaii
2565 The Mall
Honolulu, HI 96822
E-mail: itoga@hawaii.edu
Tel. (808) 956 3500
Fax: (808) 956 3548


STATE OF THE ART DEMOS will form an integral and important part of the
MULTIMEDIA'97 experience. This year, we want to focus on systems in which
technical innovation is combined with artistic wizardry. We're not 100%
sure what that means, but we'll bet -YOU- know! Amazing research prototypes
and stunning commercial products are welcome. There are just 2 constraints:
we can supply only limited equipment and certainly nothing exotic, so if
you need really special hardware you'll have to supply your own; and space
is limited, so all proposals for demos will be referreed to assure quality.

If you'd like to propose a technically-oriented demo, please contact:

Bikash Sabata
Telecommunications and Distributed Processing Program
SRI International

333 Ravenswood Ave.
Menlo Park, CA 94025
E-mail: sabata@erg.sri.com
Tel. (415) 859 2281

If you'd like to propose an artistically-oriented demo, please contact:

Tim Skelly
Design Happy
26715 NE 50th Street
Redmond, WA 98053
E-mail: TimSkelly@aol.com
Tel. (206) 868 2822


QUESTIONS?? Please feel free to contact the General Chair:

Ephraim P. Glinert
Department of Computer Science
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy, NY 12180
E-mail: glinert@cs.rpi.edu
Tel. (518) 276 2657
Fax: (518) 276 4033



Steering Committee Chairs:
Steve Bulick, U S West Advanced Technologies
Allan Kuchinsky, Hewlett Packard Laboratories

General Co-Chairs:
Ephraim P. Glinert, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Mark Scott Johnson, vivid studios

Program Co-Chairs:
James D. Hollan, University of New Mexico
James D. Foley, MERL

Program Committee Associate Chairs:
Bob Allen, Bellcore
Dick Bulterman, CWI
Isabel Cruz, Tufts University
Takaya Endo, NTT-AT
Thomas Erickson, Apple Computer
Bill Grosky, Wayne State University
Patrick Hanrahan, Stanford University
Jonathan Helfman, AT&T Research
Jessica Hodgins, Georgia Institute of Technology
Philipp Hoschka, INRIA-W3C
Hiroshi Ishii, MIT Media Laboratory
David Kirsh, University of California at San Diego
Michael Lesk, Bellcore
Wendy MacKay, CENA and University of Paris-Sud
Ryohei Nakatsu, ATR Media Integration & Communication Research Labs
Ken Perlin, New York University
Lawrence Rowe, University of California at Berkeley
Steve Roth, Carnegie Mellon University
Brian Smith, Cornell University
Akikazu Takeuchi, Sony Corporation
Alex Weibel, Carnegie Mellon University
Kent Wittenburg, GTE Laboratories
Ramin Zabih, Cornell University
Hong-Jiang Zhang, Hewlett Packard Laboratories

Panels Chair:
Takayuki Dan Kimura, Washington University

Courses Chair:
Margaret Burnett, Oregon State University

Workshops Chair:
Stephen Itoga, University of Hawaii

Art Demos Chair:
Tim Skelly, Design Happy

Technical Demos Chair:
Bikash Sabata, SRI International

Student Volunteers Chair:
Alvin T. Moser, Seattle University

Print Proceedings Chair:
Hong-Jiang Zhang, Hewlett Packard Laboratories

Electronic Proceedings Chair:
Lars Wolf, Technical University of Darmstadt

Publicity Chair:
Wayne Citrin, University of Colorado at Boulder

Stephan Fischer, University of Mannheim

John Buford, University of Massachusetts at Lowell