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[1] From: Donald Spaeth <dspaeth@dish.gla.ac.uk> (98)
Subject: ESRC Studentships: MPhil in History and Computing

University of Glasgow

School of History and Archaeology


ESRC Quota Studentships

The M.Phil in History and Computing is recognised by the
ESRC as an Advanced Course providing specialist postgraduate
training, and may nominate two students to ESRC Quota
Studentships. These Studentships consist of payment of
approved University fees (normally including tuition and
other fees) and a maintenance grant for each student. In
1996/97 the basic annual rate of the maintenance grant was
=A35,190. Studentships are normally awarded to students on a
full-time basis for one year. Further details about
eligibility for these studentships is provided below.

The M.Phil in History and Computing
The M.Phil in History and Computing is a taught Master^=D2s
course, providing training in the application of computers
to historical research. The course is intended primarily
for graduates in history who wish to learn to use computer
software in the context of historical issues and problems.
Career destinations of past graduates have included further
research in history and economic and social history, and
employment in humanities computing in academia or as a
teacher, among other occupations. For further details
contact the Course Organiser at the address below.

How to apply
Nominations to the ESRC Quota Studentships are made by the
University of Glasgow. Students wishing to be considered
for a Studentship to support study on the M.Phil in History
and Computing course starting in October 1997 should submit
the following documentation no later than 10 May 1997:

- An Application for Admission to Postgraduate Study.
- Two letters of reference.
- An Application for an ESRC Studentship, which includes a
500-word personal statement.

Where to apply
Applications should be sent to to either the Faculty of
Social Sciences or the Faculty of Arts of the University of
Glasgow at the appropriate address below, from whom
applications may also be obtained.

The Application for an ESRC Studentship form may also be
returned directly to the Course Organiser. Both forms and
letters of reference must be received by the deadline of 10

Faculty of Arts, The Clerk of the Faculty of Arts,
University of Glasgow, 6 University Gardens, Glasgow G12
8QH, United Kingdom

Faculty of Social Sciences, The Graduate School Secretary,
Social Sciences Faculty Office, Adam Smith Building,
University of Glasgow, Glasgow G12 8RT, United Kingdom

Who is eligible to apply?
Anyone who can meet ESRC requirements for both academic
qualifications and residential eligibility may apply for one
of these ESRC Studentships. The requirements are briefly
summarised below. (See the ESRC^=D2s Guidance Notes for
Applicants for further details and exceptions.)

Academic qualifications: Applicants must normally have, or
expect to achieve by 30 September 1997, a first or upper
second class honours degree from a UK university or the
CNAA, or an equivalent qualification acceptable by the ESRC.

Residential eligibility: Applicants must normally have been
resident in Great Britain for the preceding three years, and
no part of this residency may have been wholly or mainly for
the purpose of receiving full-time education. EU nationals
may also be eligible.

Other sources of funding
Students may also apply for one of three Wellcome Trust
Studentships for the M.Phil in History and Computing (or the
M.Phil in History) with an emphasis on the History of
Medicine. Further details may be obtained from

The Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine
5 University Gardens
University of Glasgow
Glasgow G12 8QQ

Contacting the Course Organiser
Further details about the ESRC Studentships and the M.Phil
in History and Computing may be obtained from the Course

Dr Donald A. Spaeth
School of History and Archaeology
1 University Gardens
University of Glasgow
Glasgow G12 8QQ
United Kingdom

Email: dspaeth@dish.gla.ac.uk

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