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[1] From: ds207 <David_M_SILVER@umail.umd.edu> (40)
From: Nelson Hilton <nhilton@english.uga.edu>
Subject: Cyberculture Studies (fwd)

[2] From: "Michael S. Hart" <hart@prairienet.org> (322)
Subject: Project Gutenberg Needs You!

Date: Mon, 05 May 97 00:10 EDT
From: ds207 <David_M_SILVER@umail.umd.edu>
Subject: Cyberculture Studies

A fully operational version of the Resource Center for
Cyberculture Studies is now up and running:


The Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies is an online,
not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to research, study,
teach, support, and create diverse and dynamic elements of
cyberculture. Collaborative in nature, RCCS seeks to establish and
support ongoing conversations about the emerging field, to foster a
community of students, scholars, teachers, explorers, and builders of
cyberculture, and to showcase various models, works-in-progress, and
on-line projects.

In the future, the Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies hopes to
sponsor a number of collaborative projects, colloquia, symposia, and
workshops. Presently, the site contains a collection of scholarly
resources, including university-level courses in cyberculture, events
and conferences, and related links. Further, the site features an
extensive annotated bibliography devoted to the topic of cyberculture.
Finally, the site includes "conversations/collaborations," an online
listing of scholars researching various elements of cyberculture.


Since its initial launch in January 1997, RCCS has developed two
new major features. The first is "Conversations/Collaborations."
Here, visitors are invited to browse through the research interests
and undergoing projects of a number of scholars, researchers, and
instructors affiliated directly and indirectly with the field of
cyberculture. Moreover, visitors are encouraged to contribute
their own entries, listing their interests and contact information.

The second new feature is called "Internet Interviews." This
section includes a list of links to online interviews with a
number of digerati. The list includes Nicholas Negroponte,
Allucquere Rosanne (aka Sandy) Stone, Sherry Turkle, and Gregory

Feel free to circulate this announcement
as far and wide as you wish.

Questions? Comments? Contact:

David Silver
Founder, Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies
Graduate Student, Department of American Studies
University of Maryland, College Park

Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 09:58:16 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Michael S. Hart" <hart@prairienet.org>
Subject: Project Gutenberg Needs You!

The Project Gutenberg Request for Support for April 30, 1997

The 900th Project Gutenberg Etext is scheduled for Tuesday!!

We are working on Dante's Divine Comedy for Etext #1,000....
in both English and Italian, if you have access to any other
pre-1922 translations than Longfellow's, please let us know.


This is a blatant request for support for Project Gutenberg.

If you do not wish to support free Project Gutenberg Etexts,
please just delete this now, and accept our apologies for an
email that you didn't want. Project Gutenberg messages have
traditionally been relayed by a number of listservers so you
might get more than one copy, again our apologies.

We usually limit ourselves to sending out such requests just
once in April and once in October of each year.





Scanning and Typing


FTP and WWW Sites


Raiders of the Lost Archives

Followed By More Detailed Information On Each Subject



Project Gutenberg will do copyright research for you if you send us
xeroxes of the title page [both sides, even if one side is blank.]

We need people to hunt through libraries or bookstores for editions
that we can use to legally prepare our Electronic Texts [Etexts.]

Germany, Italy and Great Britain have each extended their copyright
to "life + 70 years," as opposed to the "life +50 years" of "Berne"
copyright conventions. Residents of those areas will have to be an
extra bit careful, as a million items that used to be Public Domain
in those countries reverted to copyright status, even though a vast
majority of them are no longer for sale.

More on the United States Copyright Term Extension Act of 1997 in a
"More Detailed Information" section below.

Scanning and Typing

Once we have located some proper edition[s], then our volunteers do
the books by scanning or typing them into the computer. Usually it
is the same person who does the proofreading, but not necessarily.

If you have a scanner, or have access to one, or plan to get one in
the future, please contact our Director of Production, Dianne Bean,
beand@pr.erau.edu, with a cc: to me at hart@pobox.com


Often the only way for many of our volunteers to work on Etexts for
us is if they can ship their book to one of you, have it scanned in
and then returned to them for proofreading.

If you could do the scanning for them, it would help us immensely.

Other People Who Should Contact Dianne Bean

Those who have requested that we choose books for them to work on.

Those interested in helping test our new "card catalog."

More on this in the More Details section below.

FTP and WWW Sites

We are always in search of more FTP and World Wide Web sites, so an
increasing number of people can download our books without unusual,
even often fatal, delays and glitches in transmission.

If you, or someone you know, can spare a gigabyte on their servers,
please have them contact us about creating more mirror sites. This
is a particular need for countries south of the equator, where text
files are only available on one server that we know of. If you can
help us get our books into South America, Africa, and further, this
would be a great help. We have something restarted in New Zealand,
with extensions into Australia, but the load this server can handle
is probably going to be easily exhausted.


Project Gutenberg is almost completely dependent on your donations.

Most of our donations are simply mailed to:

Project Gutenberg
P. O. Box 2782
Champaign, IL 61825-2782

and are made out to "Project Gutenberg/CMU"

Carnegie Mellon University has also graciously provided those means
necessary for credit card and other means of donation. Just let us
know, and we will put you in touch with the right people there.

The Holiday Season of 1996 was the first time we ever raised enough
in a month to support Project Gutenberg for that month, but we have
received only a few donations since that time. I would like to see
Project Gutenberg become more or less an independent grassroot type
of organization, but I am not really much of a fund-raiser type, as
the fund-raiser at Carnegie Mellon University can tell you.

Anything you can do in this are would be greatly appreciated, even,
since we are at this juncture, helping us get more Public Relations
coverage of our 1,000th Etext. This should not be too difficult in
one respect, as many of the sites on the World Wide Web have never,
not once, been updated, since 1995.

Project Gutenberg sites up updated more than once a day on average,
since we are presenting 384 Etexts per year.

As I said, anything would be greatly appreciated. This SHOULD BE a
great time to get some PR. . .but it still appears, even though the
project has been written up probably about 200 times, that they are
going to write us up when THEY have a reason to rather than when WE
have a reason.

If you have any "ins" in the press or with the corporate world, this
would be a good time to use them.

Raiders of the Lost Archives

As you may be aware from several events of a month ago, and earlier,
there is a downside to having Etext archives in limited distribution
modalities, simply because if one site, or one person, or even whole
countries, change their minds about what they are going to archive--
then the whole world loses access to those files.

We need volunteers who will search the world for every possible book
and help us preserve it.

Project Gutenberg will not release any of this material until we can
do the copyright research and prove it belongs in the Public Domain.


More Detailed Information


Copyright Extension Is Also Happening in the United States

Rumor has it that the United States is pushing through HR604 & S505
[House Resolution #604 and Senate Bill #505] which comprise what is
called "The Copyright Term Extension Act of 1997" which will remove
20 years of what would be Public Domain information from our future
libraries. We strongly suggest you call AND write your congressmen
to avoid removing a million books from what is already becoming the
"Information Rich Versus Information Poor" in a nations in which an
illiteracy rate is virtually equal to the literacy rate, in adults,
aged 16 and over, as per the 1994 US Literacy Report.

You can subscribe to a listserver on copyright extension at:

or go to web sites on the subject at:

Scanning and Typing

We don't really want to get into a public recommendation about what
scanners and OCR [Optical Character Recognition] programs word best
... . .it is really the case that some do better on some books, while
other do better on others.

However, we ARE willing to share our experience if you ask.


Our official accuracy level that we try to maintain has been 99.9%,
for our first release, which is usually raised to 99.95% before the
vast majority of people ever see them.

What we hope you realize is that any serious effort to get an Etext
to 100% accuracy should take MORE effort than to create an entirely
new Etext with an accuracy level of 99.9% to 99.95%.

While many, even most, of the Project Gutenberg Etexts are accurate
to an amazing degree, even more amazing when you compare then to an
entire world of Etexts prepared by both the scholarly or commercial
Etext enterprises, we do not feel that the additional doubling of a
more than massive effort, to possibly reduce the errors, by another
...02% perhaps, would have anywhere near the value of the preparation
of an entirely new Etext with the same amount of effort.

Nevertheless, even the most famous universities of the world have a
collection of Etexts, many of which have vastly more errors that in
our collection. This is also true of the commercial Etexts.

In addition, there are many volunteers who would prefer to have an
Etext or at least an author selected for them to work on. As some
of you already know, _I_ have been reluctant to choose for anyone,
not wanting to bias the formation of our collection with my choice
of what are the great books of human history.

I have promised to do several things once we reached Etext #1,000,
one of which is to provide more guidance to those who seek it, and
that guidance will be coming from Dianne Bean, true librarian, who
is also working on the cataloguing project I also promised will be
forthcoming once we reach Etext #1,000.

More on:
Proofreading: We could also use people who know how to use DIFF or
similar programs that point out differences between two files, even
programmers that might only be able to search our files for matched
and unmatched quotes. [Remember that when quoting many paragraphs,
each internal paragraph gets only an opening quote.]

Our proofreading is a never-ending story. . .we run spell-checkers,
and other varieties of programs, on our Etexts, and have real human
proofreaders go over them in pretty incredible detail, but we would
be remiss if we did not tell you that over 99% of the books we work
from have their own errors, and that while we catch some of those--
we undoubtedly introduce errors of our own, and even though we will
gladly keep updating our editions, ad infinitum, the odds that this
will catch ALL the errors in the near future are virtually 0%.

Therefore. . .we need you to email us when you have suggestion, and
comments, and when you find possible errors that need correction.

FTP and WWW Sites

We are willing to adjust the bandwidth on various sites by adjusting
the publicity various sites receive, and also by asking our users to
only use certain sites at certain times of the day or night.


We have never received any local, regional or national grants; your
donations, and the support of Carnegie Mellon University and people
I would hope to count as my friends are the backbone of our support
and we could hardly survive otherwise.

Raiders of the Lost Archives

This is going to be particularly evident if the raggedy performances
that are destroying 99% of the Public Domain continue by raiding the
Public Domain, taking a million works out of the Public Domain, over
a period of 20 years, and putting perhaps 1% of 1% of them back in a
print version so that those who owned the copyrights for the past 75
years and made millions from them, can make another million per year
while 99.99% of those works disappear from public access altogether.

Of particular interest at this time is:

"The Oxford Book of English Verse"

which used to be available Project Bartleby at Columbia University.

We have the full co-operation and resources of the Internet Archive
at our disposal for this reclamation project.


You can get the Project Gutenberg books via FTP and the Web:

[This site is in Urbana, Illinois, and is quite fast]
ftp uiarchive.cso.uiuc.edu or ftp
login: anonymous
password: yourname@your.machine
cd pub
cd etext
cd gutenberg
[or just cd /pub/etext/gutenberg/etext97]
cd etext97 [96, 95,94, 93, 92, 91 or 90. 70's and 80's are in /etext90]
get filename (be sure to set bin, if you get the .zip files)
get more files

get GUTINDEX.96 to see all Project Gutengberg Etexts to date.
get GUTINDEX.97 to see current releases.
New files in etext97, of course.

ftp prairienet.org
*** [This is usually the first site they appear in, but is slow]
[This site is in Champaign, Illinois]
ftp ftp.prairienet.org or ftp
username: anonymous
password: yourlogin@your.machine.domain
[this is your email address where you are]

cd pub/providers/gutenberg/etext97 [etc, as above]

ls or dir for a listing of files

get filename.txt (ascii files)
get filename.zip (binary zipped files)

be sure to type "binary" before retrieving the .zip files!


New major site for Eastern United States!

For those on the East Coast of the United States we have
sailor.gutenberg.org or in Baltimore, MD.
This site should provide very fast service for both WWW
and FTP service.


In Europe, please try our site at:
Bucharest High School of Computer Science
Serving Central and Eastern Europe

and a new site up at:

http://www.informika.ru -- official server of the
Ministry of Education of Russia (the Russian part
of the server not equivalent to the English one).


This is only available on the Russian language side of
their system, but is pretty easy to see. Click on the
WINDOWS icon at the bottom of the main menu. Then, on
the lower left selection [the web names will pop up in
English] which is /books. The first one of that list,
The Palms Russian Public Library, is Project Gutenberg
Etexts in .zip format as mirrored from uiarchive.

and our newest:

ftp://ftp.pinknet.cz/pub/etext/gutenberg/ in the Czech Republic.


in Singapore

The Gutenberg archive can also be accessed from Singapore at

These two addresses reflect the same database in Singapore.
and others are starting soon in Japan and Taiwan.


Project Gutenberg Web Sites can now be reached at:
[This site is in Nevada]
http://promo.net/pg/ [This is the definitive site for now]

and from Silicon Valley at
and etext96/95/94/93/92/91 and etext90, of course.

and from Dallas, Texas at

And for you Gopher types:


And our newest site:
Adam Moore <sickboy@ihug.co.nz> and Sydney, AU

Please let me know if you need more information.

Michael S. Hart
Project Gutenberg

We need your donations desperately.
Please send what you can to:
Project Gutenberg
P.O. Box 2782
Champaign, IL 61825-2782
[Check should be made out to "Project Gutenberg/CMU"]



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or change your subscription address to Project Gutenberg's Newsletter:

send email to:
unsub gutnberg
unsub gutvol-l
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To sub from a new address, send message from there:
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sub gutvol-l [yourfirstname] [yourlastname]
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Michael S. Hart
Project Gutenberg
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