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[1] From: Jeff Finlay <FINLAYJI@guvax.acc.georgetown.edu> (118)
Subject: American Studies Opportunities & News, Week Ending May

[2] From: David Wilson-Okamura <david@WILSONINET.COM> (49)
Subject: fight spam (unsolicited email ads)

Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 17:43:18 -0400 (EDT)
From: Jeff Finlay <FINLAYJI@guvax.acc.georgetown.edu>
Subject: American Studies Opportunities & News, Week Ending May 11


Week Ending May 11, 1997 (581-656)

American Studies Opportunities & News is a weekly index
produced by the American Studies Crossroads Project
(http://www.georgetown.edu/crossroads) and sponsored by the
American Studies Association. The Opportunities list, which
generates the index, posts ASA news, calls for papers,
conference programs, fellowships, jobs, bibliographical &
online resources, book reviews and tables of contents.
The Opportunities archive and search engine is on the web
at http://home.dc.lsoft.com/archives/opportunities.html

To submit a posting, or to subscribe to the index, contact
the Crossroads Administrator <finlayji@guvax.georgetown.edu>

The following items appeared on American Studies Opportunities &
News from May 4-11, 1997. To order any one of them, send
the message GETPOST OPPORTUNITIES followed by the item number to
LISTSERV@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM (example: to get the first job posting
listed below, send the message GETPOST OPPORTUNITIES 626 to
LISTSERV@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM; to get the the first and second job
posting, send the message GETPOST OPPORTUNITIES 626 587 to

[Special Note: To get details of the Crossroads Project's June
Workshop, "Teaching American Culture with Technology," at Georgetown
University, June 25-28, send the message GETPOST OPPORTUNITIES 625]

626 Af Am Litt/Generalist, American U (non-tenure, deadline 5/15)
587 Am Litt/Latino/a Studies, Penn State (tenure, deadline 5/29)
628 Am Studies, Henan Normal University, China (suit sabbatical)
588 Am Studies/Post-1865 History, U Leicester UK (deadline 5/30)
627 Ethnic Studies, Goddard College (non-tenure, May 31)
595 Folklife Specialist, Library of Congress (deadline, June 4)
596 Folklife Specialist, Oregon Historical Soc (deadline, May 30)
629 Humanities, Capital U/Cleveland (non-tenure, deadline 6/1)
589 Material Culture, University College London
645 Women's Studies/Af Am Studies, U. Mich (senior, deadline, 9/2)
655 Women's Studies, N. Arizona Univ (director, deadline 10/1)

Fellowships & Prizes
598 AFS Folklore & Education Prize (Deadline, July 1)
585 Campbell Fellowship, Hist of Agriculture/Montana (May 15)
640 Fellowships, Inst of Advanced Studies, United Nations Univ.
590 Judicial Fellows, US Supreme Court (Deadline Nov 17)
632 NEH Preservation & Access Grants (Deadline, Aug 1)
623 Postdoc, Contemporary Policy Research, Abe Fellowships
608 Spencer Dissertation Fellowships (research on education)
644 Spencer Foundation Grants, 1997-1998 (research on education)

Calls for Contributions to Journals/Books
599 Canadian Folklore canadien, issue on Witches/Wicca
642 Citizenship in Latin America, for Social Politics Journal
602 Contemporary Girls' Culture (anthology)
649 Feminism Issue, Method & Theory in Study of Religion Journal
631 Folklore Forum Journal
606 Heaven's Gate Cult Articles for Millenial Prophecy Report
653 Lesbians Talking Sex, for Journal of Lesbian Studies
616 Recording Oral History (pamphlet), for Oral History Assoc
581 Review Essayists Sought on Books By/About Women Photographers
601 Sage Book Series in Family Studies
634 US Historical Statistics, for Historical Methods Journal
651 Women & Power issue, for Sociological Spectrum Journal

Calls for Papers for Conferences
624 American Conversations, Mid America ASA, Iowa, Apr 98
593 Architecture & Culture, Cornell U, Oct 24-25 97
650 Bodies of Evidence, Normal IL, Oct 2-4 97
622 Cultural Studies Conf, Tampere, Finland, June 98
643 European Assoc of American Studies, Lisbon, Apr 98
583 Latina Visions for Transforming the Americas, New Haven Oct 97
603 Memory/Landscape/Identity, Great Lakes ASA, March 98
600 Oral Culture of Children, Sheffield UK, Apr 98
630 Portraiture in Age of Photography, Washington DC Nov 97
614 SW Hist Assoc/SW Soc Sci Assoc, Texas, Mar 98
607 Teaching Multi-Ethnic Litt in Am Litt, New Orleans, Nov 98
641 Young Adult Literature, Youngstown OH, May 98

Calls for Conference Panels
604 American Art History & the Art Market, CAA, Toronto 1998
615 American Food & Culture, Mid-Atl PCA/ACA, Baltimore, Oct 97
638 Architecture & Ethnic Communities, Los Angeles, Apr 98
643 European Assoc of American Studies, Lisbon, Apr 98

Programs for Forthcoming Conferences (listed chronologically)
654 Claiming Women's Political Power, Washington DC, May 29-30
582 History of Photography, Rochester NY, Oct 17-19
605 Soc for Hist of Am Foreign Relations, Georgetown U, June 19-22

Programs for Forthcoming Events, Institutes & Seminars
646 Newberry Seminar, Race & Housing in Chicago 1900-1950, May 21
635 Newberry Seminar, Legal Culture of Work in Early Am, May 29
591 Obituary, Paulo Freire (1921-1997)
633 Open Letter - Support NEH Documentary Publications Projects
613 Skyscraper Museum Opens, New York City
597 Summer Institutes: Cultural Arts Resources for Teachers & Students
619 Western Art Exhibits, Southern Methodist U (to June 22)
625 Crossroads Workshop, Teaching Am Studies with Technology, June 25-28

Bibliographical & Online Resources
656 Directory of Gender-Related Info Sources Website
618 Film & History Journal 1970-1996 Now on CD-ROM
637 Finding Info on the Internet -- UC-Berkeley Web Tutorials
594 Language/Bilingual Education Policy Website
586 Plurabelle Am Studies Antiquarian/Second-Hand Books (catalog)
652 Readers for Intro Women's Studies Courses (resource books)
636 Red Hot Jazz Archive Website
584 Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies (online org)
647 USIA Website for Declassified US Govt Documents
592 Valley of the Shadow Civil War Project on CD-ROM & Web

Book Reviews (abbreviated/by subtitle for clarification purposes)
611 Balboni, Italian Americans & Las Vegas (Duncan H-PCAACA)
617 Hill, Dallas: The Making of a Modern City (Summers H-URBAN)
620 Peterson del Mar, History of Violence against Wives (Bisson H-WOMEN)
612 Prochnau, Young War Correspondents in Vietnam (Patterson H-PCAACA)
621 Shokeid, A Gay Synagogue in New York (Balka H-URBAN)

Tables of Contents
648 Passages, Journal of Transnational & Transcultural Studies
639 Sources 2 (European cultural studies journal)

Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 19:18:15 +0100
From: David Wilson-Okamura <david@WILSONINET.COM>
Subject: fight spam (unsolicited email ads)


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