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Subject: American Studies Opportunities & News, Week Ending May

[2] From: Mark Olsen <mark@barkov.uchicago.edu> (34)
Subject: Dictionnaire de L'Academie francaise, 5th Edition,

Date: Sun, 18 May 1997 20:36:44 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: American Studies Opportunities & News, Week Ending May 18


Week Ending May 18, 1997 (657-714)

American Studies Opportunities & News is a weekly index
produced by the American Studies Crossroads Project
(http://www.georgetown.edu/crossroads) and sponsored by the
American Studies Association. The Opportunities list, which
generates the index, posts ASA news, calls for papers,
conference programs, fellowships, jobs, bibliographical &
online resources, book reviews and tables of contents.
The Opportunities archive and search engine is on the web
at http://home.dc.lsoft.com/archives/opportunities.html

To submit a posting, or to subscribe to the index, contact
the Crossroads Administrator <finlayji@guvax.georgetown.edu>

The following items appeared on American Studies Opportunities &
News from May 11-18, 1997. To order any one of them, send the
message GETPOST OPPORTUNITIES followed by the item number to
LISTSERV@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM (example: to get the first posting
listed below, send the message GETPOST OPPORTUNITIES 657 to
LISTSERV@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM; for the first and second posting,
your message will be GETPOST OPPORTUNITIES 657 682).

657 Am History/Humanities, Franklin Pierce College (non-tenure)
682 Am Litt, Northwestern State U, Louisiana (tenure, due 5/30)
661 Am Studies/Litt, U. Washington-Bothell (non-tenure, due 5/28)
684 Women's Studies/Am Politics, Columbia U (tenure, due 5/31)
685 Women's Studies, Columbia University (tenure, due 5/31)

Fellowships & Prizes
714 Fulbright Senior Scholars Program (due Aug 1)
700 Internships in Chicago-Area Community-Based Orgs
681 Irvine Visiting Fellows Program, Pepperdine University
706 Postdoc, Comparative Studies of Millennialism, Yale U
711 Postdoc, Japan-related Research, SSRC (due Dec 15)
663 Postdoc, Killam Fellowships, Dalhousie U, Canada (due Oct 15)

Calls for Contributions to Journals/Books
687 Essays in Living Differently Gendered (anthology)
703 History News Service (historically informed journalism)
659 National Minority Career Journal

Calls for Papers for Conferences
708 19th Century Body, C19 Studies Assoc, Huntsville AL, Apr 98
668 Cultural Studies Assoc of Australia, Melbourne, Dec 97
680 Documenting the Midwest, St Louis, Oct 97
686 Mexico-US Border Region Historiography, Tijuana, Nov 97
694 Toxic Towers -- Women in Academe, Akron OH, Aug 97
664 Women in Higher Education, San Francisco, Jan 98
688 Women's Voices in Policy & Politics, Kentucky, Mar 98

Calls for Conference Panels
690 Gender in 1950s, Pacific Coast AHA, San Diego, Aug 98
666 Gossip in Academic Life, SCMLA, New Orleans, Nov 97
712 Work in Lives of Academic Women with Children, Conf in Aug 97

Programs for Forthcoming Conferences (listed chronologically)
709 America in Depression & War 1929-1945, Netherlands, Jun 25-27
702 American Library Assoc Preconferences, San Francisco, Jun 27
669 PCA/ACA National & Regional Meetings -- Schedule

Events, Institutes, Seminars & Special Notices
693 Book Arts Members Exhibition, San Francisco, through Jun 28
665 Futures of American Studies Conf, Dartmouth NH, Aug 10-17
710 Japanese Americans in Baseball Exhibit, California, to Aug 8
692 Mexhostel Mexican Cultural Tourism Program, Oct 97-Apr 98

Bibliographical & Online Resources
683 African-American Contributions to Mainstream Art (website)
660 Economists & Regulation in Gilded Age/Progressive Era (essay)
672 Electrical History Review Online Journal
689 French Association for American Studies Database (website)
667 New List, Literata, for discussion of British/Am Litt
696 New List, PGPC, Australian Discission of Postcolonialism
699 Okinawa, The American Years, 1945-1972 (website)
679 Online Bibliography of Women's History in Journals (website)
695 Charles Colson Papers, at Billy Graham Center (archive)
713 Photography Resource & Photography Listservs on Web
678 Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies (online org)
691 Webpage for Minerva Center (study of women & war)
670 Website of Archival Management & Historical Editing
671 Website of Rare Books & Special Collections, Tarlton Law
705 Website on Teaching Anthropology in Second-Level Education

Book Reviews (abbreviated/by subtitle for clarification purposes)
674 Carlos Fuentes, A New Time for Mexico (Lucy H-LATAM)
704 Eicher, The Civil War in Books (Parrish H-CIVWAR)
698 Jeffries, World War II Home Front in America (Reagan)
675 Kammen, Gilbert Seldes & US Cultural Criticism (Berkeley)
658 Marvel, The Sailor's Civil War (Schneller H-CIVWAR)
707 McGreevy, Catholic Encounter with Race in Am Cities (Pacyga)
697 Mulholland, Pennsylvania Volunteers in Civil War (Sanders)
701 Ogle, American Household Plumbing, 1840-1890 (Elkind H-URBAN)
662 Winship, Puritan Providentialism (Errington OIEAHCNET)

Tables of Contents
677 Ayaangwaamizin, Journal of Indigenous Philosophy (Spring 97)
676 Role of Critic in Postcolonial Studies, Acolit (Spring 96)
673 Workers in Racially Stratified Societies, ILWCH (Spring 97)

Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 13:36:09 -0400 (EDT)
From: Mark Olsen <mark@barkov.uchicago.edu>
Subject: Dictionnaire de L'Academie francaise, 5th Edition, 1798

Dictionnaire de l'Acad&eacute;mie, 5th Edition, 1798 (Year VII).

As part of the <i>Dictionnaire de l'Acad&eacute;mie Fran&ccedil;aise</i>
Database Project (<http://www.epas.utoronto.ca:8080/~wulfric/academie/>)
directed by R. Wooldridge and I. Leroy-Turcan, Professor
Douglas Kibbee, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and
the ARTFL Project, University of Chicago, are collaborating to perform
data capture, required editing, and development of a search engine
for the 5th Edition of the <i>Dictionnaire de l'Acad&eacute;mie
fran&ccedil;aise</i>, published in 1798 (Year VII).

We are pleased to announce an ALPHA release of this resource, accessible
to all users at:


This is a preliminary release, using a very simple headword
search engine, so we are expecting some problems. We are
developing a more sophisticated search scheme for this, and
other documents, such as our Encyclopedie of Diderot and d'Alembert.

Please feel free to examine this resource and let me know
about bugs, typos, mis-identified structures, and anything
else that seems to be a problem.

Data entry of the first edition of the <i>Dictionnaire</i> (1695)
is underway and should be completed in a month or so. Work on
other editions, including the edition of 1765, is under way or
being planned. Thus, your comments, complaints, and suggestions
are quite important, since we can alter our proceedures and systems
as we get this project underway.

Thanks in advance!!


Mark Olsen
Assistant Director
ARTFL Project
University of Chicago
(773) 702-8687
WWW: http://humanities.uchicago.edu/ARTFL/ARTFL.html

Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections
must first be overcome. --- Samuel Johnson