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Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 12:10:38 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Kristen L. Abbey" <kabbey@rci.rutgers.edu>
Subject: 1997 CETH Summer Workshop == Extended Application Deadline

1997 CETH Summer Workshop on SGML and the TEI: Making Text Work
July 27 to August 1, 1997
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

Due to continuing demand, the application deadline for the 1997 CETH
Summer Workshop has been extended to Monday, June 2. Applications
continue to be accepted on a rolling basis, but space is limited, please
do not delay.

"The CETH Summer Workshop will have both an introductory and an
advanced track. Plenary sessions will concentrate on topics that
(we believe) are worth coming to even for people who have heard
them discussed before. Breakout sessions in the advanced track
will cover topics that make no sense to beginners but which may be
useful to active users of TEI or other SGML tag sets. We think
this will be the first systematically planned *advanced* TEI
instruction anywhere."

--Gregory Murphy

The 1997 CETH Summer Workshop is an intensive, one-week course of study that
focuses on the application of SGML (the Standard Generalized Markup
Language) and the TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) encoding scheme in the
humanities. The Workshop is open to beginning and advanced users alike. The
goal is to provide in-depth coverage of the fundamentals of electronic
document markup, and issues related to the use of SGML and the TEI in practice.

There will be opportunity for beginners to learn the basics of document
markup using SGML. A number of topical sessions aimed at all levels of
expertise will cover the use of the TEI core and additional tag sets,
document analysis, project management, and on- and off-line delivery.
Advanced users will have the opportunity to explore other subjects,
including, but not limited to: modifying and extending the TEI DTD;
designing hypertext and other forms of linking; working with different
character sets; and writing programs to support SGML.

Sessions will be evenly divided between lecture and hands-on work.
Participants will be encouraged to pursue work on their own projects in
supervised labs. Time will be allotted for one-on-one consultations between
participants and instructors. There will be a wide range of commercial,
free- and share-ware SGML software used in the classroom and available for
experimentation in the laboratory.


The CETH Summer Workshop will be held in the new Scholarly Communications
Center located in Alexander Library, on Rutgers' historic College Avenue
campus. The SCC's facilities include two labs of 25 workstations each, and a
lecture hall equiped with digital video projection. Accommodation will be
provided in Rutgers University student housing facilities. All rooms are air
conditioned, have private bathrooms, and are a short walking distance from
Alexander Library.

Gregory Murphy, Text Systems Manager, CETH
Wendell Piez, Humanities Computing Specialist, CETH
Michael Sperberg-McQueen, editor-in-chief, Text Encoding Initiative; senior
research programmer, University of Illinois at Chicago; co-coordinator,
Model Editions Partnership

$595 nonstudents
$395 students
Fee includes tuition, use of computer facilities, workshop documentation,
opening reception, lunches (Monday-Friday), and a closing banquet.

A limited number of scholarships will be available for graduate students to
defray the cost of tuition. These scholarships will not cover
accommodations. Unless you specify otherwise, all graduate student
applications will be considered for scholarships.

Accommodation is available in Rutgers University student housing facilities
at a cost of $25 per day for bed and breakfast.

Applications should consist of a cover sheet and a statement of
interest. Students applying for the reduced rate must include a photocopy
of their valid student ID. Email submissions are encouraged, and must have
the subject line "Summer Workshop Application."

The cover sheet must include:
*your name
*your position
*current institutional affiliation
*postal and email addresses
*telephone and fax numbers
*brief summary of computing experience

Your statement of interest should include:
*a synopsis of the project you would like to pursue during the workshop
*how your participation in the workshop would be beneficial to your
teaching, research, advising or administrative work
*the extent of your computer experience

Application deadline: May 19, 1997
Notification of acceptance on a rolling basis

Send or fax applications to:

CETH Summer Workshop
169 College Avenue
New Brunswick NJ 08903

Fax: (908) 932-1386
Pamela Cohen
Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities
169 College Avenue, New Brunswick NJ 08903
phone: (908) 932-1384 / fax: (908) 932-1386