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From: "Nancy M. Ide" <ide@cs.vassar.edu> (117)
Subject: WorldCALL

Marsha Sawkins
WorldCALL Secretariat
PO Box 895, North Sydney, NSW 2069 Australia
Fax: 61-2-9954 4964 Ph: 61-2-9954 4544
email: fauroy@ozemail.com.au

CALL to Creativity
13 - 17 July 1998
Inaugural World Conference on Computer-Assisted Language Learning

Venue: The University of Melbourne, Australia

Call for Papers
- CALL as a catalyst for change
- Motivating language acquisition through CALL
- Interdisciplinary perspectives in CALL
- The relationship between theory and practice
- New models of evaluation and assessment
- CALL in the developing world
- New identities, new communities
- New literacies, new genres
- Learner autonomy versus learner dependence
- Transparent technologies

Submission of abstracts
Deadline for receipt - 1 July 1997

Abstracts should be sent to the Conference Secretariat and should be
submitted on disk with a hard copy attached. Papers will be of 30 minutes
duration followed by 10 minutes of question-time. Abstracts may be no
longer than 200 words and should include the author's name, contact
details, paper title and an indication of the topic to which the paper
relates. The abstract should be exported or saved as a text only
unformatted file. Bio-data of no more than 50 words should accompany the

Confirmation of acceptance will be made by 15 September 1997.

Keynote speakers to date
John Barson, USA
Chris Candlin, Australia
Graham Davies, UK
Madanmohan Rao, India

Key dates
Deadline for receipt of abstracts 1 July 1997
Notification of acceptance 15 September 1997
Registration forms available 1 November 1997
Early bird registration closes 31 March 1998
Submission of papers for proceedings 30 June 1998

Audio visual facilities
Each presentation room is equipped with the following:
PC. Mac. Video Projection. VCR (PAL/SECAM/NTSC). Slide Projector.
Overhead Projector. Audio Cassette Player. Audio Loop.
Please advise of any additional requirements. It may be necessary for you
to bring unusual equipment.

Expressions of interest
The Inaugural WorldCALL Conference will bring together experts and
practitioners in Computer-Assisted Language Learning from around the world.
The objective of the Conference is to promote and develop national and
international networks for CALL research and practice.

The theme of the Conference "CALL to Creativity" reflects the organisers'
intention to provide a forum for discussion of some of the pressing
educational, social and political issues associated with the development of
CALL. With more than 500 delegates expected and interest levels already
high, WorldCALL will offer unprecedented access to innovators, educators
and entrepreneurs in the field.

One of the goals of WorldCALL is to provide a number of scholarships for
professional development, offering those who have worked with CALL in
developing countries the opportunity to attend this Conference and benefit
from the exchange of ideas and contact with leaders in the field. Funding
has already been pledged to this end.

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria and home to more than 3 million
people. Awarded the title 'World's most liveable city', Melbourne is the
gateway to regional Victoria and beyond that, the great expanse of
Australia. Melbourne is close to beaches, ski-fields, desert and lush
valleys. Melbourne enjoys mostly moderate weather, during winter (June -
August) temperatures range from 7oC to 14oC.

Registration brochures will be available from November 1997 with early bird
registration of AUD $550 closing on 31 March 1998 (full price AUD $650).
To receive further, more specific details as they become available, please
register your interest below and mail or fax, or email your details to
Details can also be found at www.arts.unimelb.edu.au/~hlc/worldcall

Family Name:
Given Name:
Title (Mr, Mrs, etc):

I will/will not be submitting a paper

Please send more details on:
Discount Flights
Conference Registration
Pre-, Post Tours

Conference committees

Organising Committee: June Gassin (Chair), Denis Cunningham, Robert
Debski, Mike Levy, Iain Morrison, Mike Smith

Program Committee: Sue Otto (Chair), Robert Debski, Mike Levy

Steering Committee: Richard Baldauf, John Barson, Keith Cameron, Chris
Candlin, Carol Chapelle, Graham Chesters, Mary-Louise Craven, Graham
Davies, Nina Garrett, Henry Hamburger, David Herren, Mike Levy, Peter
Liddell, Brian McCarthy, Kazunori Nozawa, Gudrun, Oberprieler, Sue Otto,
Peter Patrikis, Kari Sajavaara, Roly Sussex, June Thompson, Mark
Warschauer, Peter White

Supporting organisations

Language Teaching and Learning

Sponsoring organisations

Australian Technology Enhanced Language Learning Consortium (ATELL)
The University of Melbourne

Further details may be obtained from:
The Conference Secretariat, Fauth Royale & Associates Pty Ltd, P.O. Box
895, North Sydney NSW 2060, Australia. Tel: 61 2 9954 4544 Fax: 61 2 9954
4964. Email fauroy@ozemail.com.au