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[1] From: David Green <david@cni.org> (72)
Subject: NINCH-Announce

[2] From: Mike Fraser <mike.fraser@computing- (38)
Subject: CTI Textual Studies: Bursaries for DRH '97

Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 15:35:36 +0100 (BST)
From: David Green <david@cni.org>
Subject: NINCH-Announce

NINCH Announcement
July 8, 1997

D-LIB and AHDS Newsletters

Below is a fresh announcement from the British Arts and Humanities Data
Service about its second newsletter, available on its website and an older
announcement from D-LIB Magazine on its June issue.

Apologies for the lacuna in NINCH announcements during my recent absence in
the UK and the last week of catching up with pressing business.

David Green


The second edition of the Newsletter from the Arts and Humanities
Data Service for UK universities is now available from our web
site <http://ahds.ac.uk/>.

In addition to AHDS news items, the current issue focuses on resource
discovery with contributions about metadata, about integrating access to
diverse on-line collections and catalogues, and about Internet gateways
for the humanities.

We are also launching a new feature involving case studies written by and
for humanities scholars explaining how the creation or use of digital
resources has enhanced their research and teaching.

Neil Beagrie Tel: +44 (0)171 873 5076
Collections and Standards Officer Fax: +44 (0)171 873 5080
The Executive
Arts and Humanities Data Service Email: neil.beagrie@ahds.ac.uk
King's College London
Strand, London WC2R 2LS, UK


The June issue of D-Lib Magazine is now available at <http://www.dlib.org>.
The UK Office for Library and Information Networking maintains a mirror site
for D-Lib Magazine at:
<http://hosted.ukoln.ac.uk/mirrored/lis-journals/dlib/>, and The Australian
National University Sunsite also maintains a mirror at

In addition to our usual collection of notices and announcements, we are
pleased to feature the following stories:


**Sui Generis Database Protection: Has Its Time Come?**
Jonathan Band
Jonathan S. Gowdy
Morrison & Foerster LLP

**From Static to Dynamic Surrogates : Resource Discovery in the Digital Age**
Carl Lagoze
Cornell University

**The 4th Dublin Core Metadata Workshop Report :
DC-4, March 3 - 5, 1997, National Library of Australia, Canberra**
Stuart Weibel, OCLC
Renato Iannella, DSTC
Warwick Cathro, National Library of Australia

**Paying Their Way : Commercial Digital Libraries for the 21st Century**
Innes A. Ferguson
Michael J. Wooldridge
Zuno Ltd.

**Safeguarding Digital Library Contents and Users : Document Access Control**
Henry M. Gladney
IBM Almaden Research Center

**Multi-Media, Multi-Cultural, and Multi-Lingual Digital Libraries , Or How Do
We Exchange Data In 400 Languages?**
Christine L. Borgman
University of California, Los Angeles

**Workshop Report: The Technology of Terms and Conditions**
James R. Davis
Xerox PARC
Judith L. Klavans
Columbia University

D-Lib Magazine is produced by the Corporation for National Research
Initiatives and is sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects
Agency (DARPA) on behalf of the NSF/DARPA/NASA Digital Libraries Initiative.

William Y. Arms, Vice President
Amy Friedlander, Editor, D-Lib Magazine

Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 23:28:17 +0100 (BST)
From: Mike Fraser <mike.fraser@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk>
Subject: CTI Textual Studies: Bursaries for DRH '97


14 - 17 September 1997

'Bringing together the creators, users, distributors, and custodians of
digital resources for the humanities.'


Bursaries available from CTI Textual Studies

As part of our continuing efforts to encourage the use of technology in HE
teaching, the CTI Centre for Textual Studies is offering a limited number
of bursaries for attendance at the Digital Resources for the Humanities
conference. Applications for the bursaries are sought from those involved
in UK Higher Education teaching in the Arts and Humanities, and who have
an established interest in the use of technology in teaching. This will
primarily include HE teaching staff, but specialist IT Support Staff, and
Subject Librarians are also welcome to apply.

Application is by submission of a brief statement of interest
(approximately 250 words) outlining your interest in the use of IT in HE
teaching, preferably with some detail of current or planned implementation
of IT in teaching. Bursaries cover the cost of registration fees, which
includes the full academic programme, lunches and dinners (excluding the
Conference Banquet). Accommodation, breakfast, and travel costs are not
included. Places are limited to one per institution.

Applications, including statement of interest, full contact details
(including an email address), and institutional affiliation, should be
submitted by Friday August 1st 1997.

An online submission form and further details are available at:


Alternatively submissions may be sent by email to ctitext@oucs.ox.ac.uk,
or by mail to:

Sarah Porter
CTI Centre for Textual Studies
Humanities Computing Unit
Oxford University Computing Services
13 Banbury Road
Oxford OX2 6NN.

Tel. 01865 283282. Fax. 01865 273275