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[1] From: Pat Ensor <PLEnsor@UH.EDU> (121)
Subject: PACS Review, v. 8, n. 2

[2] From: David Green <david@cni.org> (66)
Subject: Digital Object Identifier System

Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 09:56:45 +0100 (BST)
From: Pat Ensor <PLEnsor@UH.EDU>
Subject: PACS Review, v. 8, n. 2

The Public-Access Computer Systems Review

Volume 8, Number 2 (1997) ISSN 1048-6542


Bruce Morgan, Is the Journal as We Know It an Article of Faith?
An Open Letter to the Faculty

The Dean of Libraries of Montana State University explains
his conclusion that "the specialized paper-based journal no
longer is effective in the wide or timely dissemination of
scholarship." He notes, "We need to explore how we might
achieve scholarly communication that is more effective and
that will still adhere to the academic values
(well-thought-out, well-written, well-researched,
well-documented articles) that we have always deemed
important." He makes unique use of Thomas Kuhn's ideas
about scientific revolutions and paradigm shifts to call for
a move from paper to electronic scholarly journals.

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Casting the Net

Priscilla Caplan, Will the Real Internet Please Stand Up?

NGI, Internet2, IPv6, IPng--who can make sense out of it any
more? Priscilla Caplan untangles the web of current
Internet initiatives, relating what's what, what's new,
what's old, and who's doing what. She also provides a look
at what difference this makes to Internet users.

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Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 09:54:48 +0100 (BST)
From: David Green <david@cni.org>
Subject: Digital Object Identifier System

July 11, 1997


Below is an announcement by the Defense Technical Information Center of a
presentation to be made in the Washington DC area on August 11, 1997, on
the Digital Object Identifier (DOI). This mechanism for giving a digital
identification to each piece of commercial digital publication is being
developed with the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI) and
is expected to be adopted by international publishing as a means of
enabling on-line commerce.

For more information on the DOI, see <http://www.doi.org/>.

David Green

Defense Technical Information Center


The Association of American Publishers
Digital Object Identifier System
Managing Electronic Content

The Association of American Publishers has designed a system
for marking digital objects in order to facilitate electronic commerce
and enable copyright management systems. That system, called the
Digital Object Identifier System, is now under development, in
partnership with the Corporation for National Research Initiatives,
and is expected to be live on a limited scale in August 1997. Learn
how DOIs might be used in practice by not only publishers but related
organizations involved with Abstracting and Indexing, information
aggregators, subscription agents, and libraries.

The DOI, a prototype for managing content, is regarded by the publishing
industry as a key component of safe and successful commercial use of the
Internet and other networked environments.

DOI, a type of "electronic license plate" for "digital content" traveling
the information superhighway, will facilitate commerce in cyberspace by:
1) allowing users to locate digital materials and arrange for their purchase
2) helping publishers manage and market their digital products.


Carol Risher, Vice President for Copyright and New Technology
for the Association of American Publishers (AAP), coordinates
copyright enforcement activities, including strategic litigation, in
the U.S. and overseas. She assists AAP members in their efforts to
move from print-based products to electronic products. She is
responsible for monitoring new technologies that affect publishers'
markets and working with AAP members to promote development of
pre-competitive standards such as the Digital Object Identifier that
facilitate Internet commerce.

Larry Lannom is with the Corporation for National Research
Initiatives (CNRI) and is responsible for the Handle System and

Where: HQ Complex Building Auditorium
8725 John J. Kingman Rd, Ft Belvoir, VA
When: August 11, 1997
Time: 1:30-3:30 pm

R.S.V.P. to Julia Foscue, email: jfoscue@dtic.mil
tel: (703) 767-8236


David L. Green
Executive Director
21 Dupont Circle, NW
Washington DC 20036
202/296-5346 202/872-0886 fax

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