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Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 08:58:42 +0000
From: "Prof.Dr. K.Gaertner" <gaertnek@Mailer.Uni-Marburg.DE>
Subject: Re: 11.0298 searching mss.?

> >
> On behalf of a colleague I would like to collect any information about
> current work in making manuscript images searchable by computer. I recall
> someone describing how it was possible to calculate with fair degree of
> accuracy the location on a mss. page-image of a specified word. I don't mean
> searching a transcription, then displaying the mss. page for the
> corresponding form to be located by eye, but a technique that would fetch up
> the page and point to the location.

I suggest to ask Peter Robinson about his Canterbury Tales-project
oder somebody from the Charette-project at Princeton; they know all
about it.

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