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[1] From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@parallel.park.uga.edu> (91)
Subject: KAIROS 2.2 (FALL 1997)

[2] From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@parallel.park.uga.edu> (46)
Subject: KMTA #1: Hypertext Reflections

Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 08:27:58 -0500 (EST)
From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@parallel.park.uga.edu>
Subject: KAIROS 2.2 (FALL 1997)

>> From: Mick Doherty <doherm@rpi.edu>

*********** A N N O U N C I N G ***********


Vol. 2 Issue #2 (Fall 1997)

.... is now available on the Web:


--> "As We May Link" ... From the Editor's Desk(Top)
Mick Doherty, Kairos Editor & Publisher

--> @Whois Kairos
*New: Kairos FAQ!
Staff members answer some frequently-asked questions.
*Kairos Revamps Staff, Board
Updated for the 1997-98 Academic Year.
*Call For Hypertexts
Features, Reviews, Response, CoverWeb Themes.
*Work for Kairos
Seeking News Editor, Copy Editors, Staff Archivist.

--> Gender and Electronic Discourse
In the hypertexts that make up this CoverWeb, each author
considers the implications of gendered discourse in electronic
media. Through narrative, discussion, and empirical study,
each hypertext looks at a different concern for gendered
electronic discourse, including online harassment, censorship,
and the liberatory prospects for electronic writing spaces.

Contributing: Nancy Barta-Smith, Slippery Rock University;
Julia Ferganchick-Neufang, University of Arkansas at Little
Rock; William Lantry, Catholic University; Dean Rehberger,
Michigan State University; Sandye Thompson, Texas Woman's

--> Passing Theory in Action: The Discourse Between
Hypertext and Paralogic Hermeneutics
Lee Libby, Iowa State University

--> The Online Tutor as Cross-Curricular Double Agent
Patricia Ericsson, Dakota State University;
Tim McGee, The College of New Jersey.

--> Hypertext Reflections: Exploring the Rhetoric, Poetics, and
Pragmatics of Hypertext
Mike Palmquist, Colorado State University; Will Hochman,
University of Southern Colorado; Beth Kolko, University of
Texas at Arlington; Emily Golson, University of Northern
Colorado; Jonathan Alexander, University of Southern
Colorado; Luann Barnes, Colorado State University; Kate
Kiefer, Colorado State University.

--> "Where are the snows. . . " An InterMOO with Myron Tuman:
Essays past, present, and Connect.Net
A conversation with Joe Essid, University of Richmond
and Claudine Keenan, Penn State, Lehigh Valley

--> Conference Wrapups
*College Composition & Communication
*Computers & Writing
*Scholarly Communication and Technology

--> News You Can Use:
A Student's Guide to Research with the WWW
Developed by: Craig Branham, St. Louis University

--> NewsWired
All the News that's Fit to "Print" ...
Announcements ... Resources ... Updates

--> cfp@www
Calls For Participation
Conferences, Edited Volumes, Online Journals, Print Journals

Upon Further Review ...
*Reviews: Websites, Software, PaperTexts
*Pre/View: A Book-in-Progress
*Responsaviews: Feedback & More

Response, Replies, and Commentary
*Meet the Authors: New MOO Discussions
*Classroom Spotlight: UVA ENLT 248
*Responsaviews: Feedback & More
*Interactive Peer Reviews: Join the Process
*BackTalk: Authors' Replies and Commentary

Publisher's Note:
The nature of web publishing demands that we design our product
to be accessible through as many browsers as possible.

If you encounter any link, connection, or navigational problems
with Kairos, please send us an email (to mick@rpi.edu) describing
the problem, and listing your technical specs: platform, operating
system, browser, modem (or other) connection method and speed,
and screen size. Thank you!

Kairos is sponsored by the national Alliance for Computers & Writing
http://english.ttu.edu/acw/ [Contact us: Editor Mick Doherty,

Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 08:30:28 -0500 (EST)
From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@parallel.park.uga.edu>
Subject: KMTA #1: Hypertext Reflections

From: Mick Doherty <doherm@rpi.edu>

KMTA -- More than just a radio station in Billings, Montana!

KMTA -- _K_airos _M_eet _T_he _A_uthors MOO Series!

KMTA -- _K_icks off _M_onday (November) _T_enth _A_t ...


The Meet the Authors Series is a Lingua MOO forum in which the Authors of
Kairos webtexts lead discussions about the issues raised in the texts
as published. MOO Logs for these texts will be edited for publication
and reaction in forthcoming issues of the journal.

The Inaugural KMTA MOO is:

Monday, November 10th
8:00 PM ET (7:00 PM host time, in Texas)
Featuring the seven authors of "Hypertext Reflections" in issue 2.2:


Mike Palmquist, Colorado State University 
Will Hochman, University of Southern Colorado 
Beth Kolko, University of Texas at Arlington 
Emily Golson, University of Northern Colorado 
Jonathan Alexander, University of Southern Colorado 
Luann Barnes, Colorado State University 
Kate Kiefer, Colorado State University

The goal of "Hypertext Reflections" was to "discuss some of the most
compelling elements of current hypertext theory, as well as ... to break
the frame of the traditional [by] creating a [text] that will practice the
theory it preaches, we hope to explicitly model the theoretical interrogations
of the session.

You are invited and encouraged to bring students in your undergraduate or
graduate web-writing classes to read this text and join in the MOO session,
and/or respond in other ways (e-mail, review, response node).

Forthcoming KTMA sessions this semester will feature Classroom Spotlight
teacher (in issue 2.2) Matt Kirschenbaum, with author Doug Brent
("Rhetorics of the Web," issue 2.1); and Lee Libby ("Paralogic Hermeneutics,
issue 2.2) with editorial reviewer Nick Carbone.

Each session will be hosted by a member of the Kairos Editorial Staff,
but the discussion is designed to be open and free-flowing. If you cannot
attend the session but would like to ask a question of the Author(s),
please feel free to send text of that question for a MOO slide to Response
Editor Jennifer Bowie <bowiej@rpi.edu>.

To join these discussions telnet to lingua.utdallas.edu:8888 or use the
Web by going to http://lingua.utdallas.edu and click on the option 'Login'.
>From here follow the instructions the MOO gives you; if you are unfamiliar
with how to MOO in general, or with LinguaMOO specifically, see Lingua's
"Beginner's Guide to MOOing," linked to the URL above.

Seven more Meet the Authors sessions will be scheduled for January
through March of 1998.

Details: mick@rpi.edu

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