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Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 09:59:39 +0800
From: Chris Floyd <cfloyd@carmen.murdoch.edu.au>
Subject: 11.394 re: CFPs

>There is NO RELATION between Jewish (that is kabalist and
>talmudic knowledge) and Christianism, with his own story.
>I don't admit that Judaism is considered as an appendice
>of Christianism, which is the contrary of his conception
>of humanhood, life, happiness, science and God.
>Raphael Cohen

This is a weird piece of misinformation. JC was Jewish. The cabbala draws
on the Old Testament which is the first part of the Christian bible. Even
Islam is linked up.

Whose "conception of humanhood, life, happiness, science and God"? I
presume JC. A wellspring of inhumanity and unhappiness in the world is
religion. See Arthur Miller's "The Crucible". Another source is egocentric
greed manifested in multinational corporations and fostered by Christian
leaders like Bill Clinton and John Howard. Surely the Protestant work ethic
is Hebraic not Hellenic. See Matthew Arnold's "Culture and Anarchy".

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