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[1] From: Stefan Sinclair <4ss42@qsilver.queensu.ca> (24)
Subject: Dernier rappel pour le colloque LIL98

[2] From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@parallel.park.uga.edu> (117)
Subject: ESSLLI'98 Student Session

[3] From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@parallel.park.uga.edu> (212)
Subject: CFP: ISIC-CIRA-ISAS '98

Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 17:05:44 -0500 (EST)
From: Stefan Sinclair <4ss42@qsilver.queensu.ca>
Subject: Dernier rappel pour le colloque LIL98

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* LIL98: L'informatique dans les humanités *

Colloque virtuel et interdisciplinaire le 14 mars 1998
pour les étudiants et étudiantes de deuxième et de troisième cylces

Date limite pour les propositions: 24 novembre 1997.

Formule de proposition et autres renseignements à l'adresse suivante:

Veuillez retransmettre ce message à toute personne qui pourrait s'y
intéresser. Merci.


Stéfan Sinclair, Queen's University (Canada) (St&eacute;fan)

WWW: <http://qsilver.queensu.ca/~4ss42/> HCR - Rih: <http://qsilver.queensu.ca/QI/HCR/>

--[2]------------------------------------------------------------------ Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 15:44:20 -0500 (EST) From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@parallel.park.uga.edu> Subject: ESSLLI'98 Student Session

>> From: "Conferences in Logic" <lli@Kwetal.ms.mff.cuni.cz>

!!!!! Concerns all students in Logic, Linguistics and Computer Science !!!!! !!!!! Please circulate and post as much as possible !!!!!

We apologize if you've received this message more than once.

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THE ESSLLI'98 STUDENT SESSION August 17-28, 1998, Saarbruecken, Germany

Deadline: February 15th, 1998



We are pleased to announce the Student Session of the 10th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI'98) organized by DFKI and the University of Saarbruecken, Germany. and taking place at the University of Saarbruecken in August 17-28, 1998. We welcome submissions of papers for presentation at the ESSLLI'98 Student Session and to appear in the proceedings.

PURPOSE: This is going to be the third ESSLLI Student Session and as before, it will provide an opportunity for ESSLLI participants who are students to present their own WORK IN PROGRESS and get valuable feedback from other researchers and fellow-students. Presentation of creative and innovative ideas is encouraged.

The ESSLLI'98 Student Session welcomes submissions from students at any level, that is, from undergraduates (before completion of Master degree) as well as postgraduates (before completion of PhD degree). Note also that all authors of ESSLLI'98 papers have to be students, papers co-authored by non-students cannot be accepted.

As in the previous years, the ESSLLI'98 Student Session will consist of paper presentations. The ESSLLI'98 Student Session has its own timeslot in the ESSLLI'98 schedule: 60 minutes every day for two weeks, provided that a sufficient number of good quality papers is accepted. Each presentation will last 30 minutes (including 10 minutes of discussion).

REQUIREMENTS: The Student Session papers should describe original, unpublished work, completed or in progress that demonstrates insight, creativity, and promise. No previously published papers should be submitted. All topics within the usual six ESSLLI subject areas are of interest, without further restrictions. The areas are as follows: Logic, Linguistics, Computation, Logic & Linguistics, Logic & Computation, and Linguistics & Computation.

The accepted papers will be published in the ESSLLI'98 Student Session proceedings, which will be made available along with the readers for the ESSLLI'98 courses.

FORMAT OF SUBMISSION: Student authors should submit an anonymous extended abstract headed by the paper title, not to exceed 4 pages of length exclusive of references and a separate identification page (see below). Note that the length of the full papers will not be allowed to exceed 10 pages.

Since reviewing will be "blind", the body of the abstract should omit author names and addresses. Furthermore, self-references that reveal the authors' identity (e.g., ``We previously showed (Smith, 1991) ...'') should be avoided. Instead, use references like ``Smith (1991) previously showed ....''.

To identify each paper, a separate identification page should be supplied containing the paper's title, the name(s) of the author(s), the author(s)' affiliation(s) and complete addresse(s) a short (5 line) summary and a specification of the subject area into which the paper belongs. The subject areas considered are: Logic, Linguistics, Computation, Logic & Linguistics, Logic & Computation, and Linguistics & Computation.

MEDIA OF SUBMISSION AND FORMATTING REQUIREMENTS: The student authors should submit their papers electronically to:


For any kind of submission a plain ascii text version of the identification page should be sent separately by email, using the following format:

title: <title> author: <name of first author> address: <affiliation and address of first author> ... author: <name of last author> address: <affiliation and address of last author> short summary (5 lines): <summary> subject area (one of): [ Logic | Linguistics | Computation | Logic&Linguistics | Logic&Computation | Linguistics&Computation ]

Please always submit the identification page in a separate message.

The submissions should be in one of the following formats: - self-contained LaTeX source (the most encouraged) - PostScript - ASCII text

ESSLLI'98 STUDENT SESSION INFORMATION: In order to present a paper at the ESSLLI'98 Student Session, every student author has to register as a participant at ESSLLI'98. However, authors of accepted papers will be eligible for a reduced registration fee.

For all information concerning ESSLLI'98, please consult the ESSLLI'98 web site : http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/esslli/

If you have specific questions about the student session please contact the chair.

IMPORTANT DATES: Deadline for submissions: February 15, 1998 Notifications: April 15, 1998 Final version due: May 15, 1998 ESSLLI'98 Student Session: August 17-28, 1998

PROGRAM COMITTEE FOR THE ESSLLI'98 STUDENT SESSION: Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova (chair) korbay@ufal.mff.cuni.cz

UFAL MFF UK Malostranske nam. 25 118 35 Praha 1 Czech Republic tel: (+420-2) 2191 4288 fax: (+420-2) 2191 4309

Area co-chairs: Language and Computation: Kordula de Kuthy (University of Saarbruecken) Computation: Michal Soch (Czech Technical University) Logic: Carlos Areces (University of Warwick) Language: Berthold Crysmann (University of Saarbruecken) Logic & Computation: Jaime Ramos (Technical University of Lisabon) Logic and Language: - to be confirmed

---------------------------------------------------------- Conferences in Logic, Language and Information Maintained by: Geert-Jan M. Kruijff, gj@ufal.mff.cuni.cz

--[3]------------------------------------------------------------------ Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 15:46:00 -0500 (EST) From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@parallel.park.uga.edu> Subject: CFP: ISIC-CIRA-ISAS '98

>> From: Gianni Vercelli <vercelli@univ.trieste.it>

[ This call was sent to several lists. We apologize if you receive multiple copies of this. ] ***************

CALL FOR PAPERS ---------------

ISIC/CIRA/ISAS '98 IEEE Int. Symp. on Intelligent Control (ISIC) Int. Symp. on Computational Intelligence in Robotics and Automation (CIRA) Intelligent Systems and Semiotics (ISAS)

A Joint Conference on the Science and Technology of Intelligent Systems

September 14-17, 1998 ---------------------

National Institute of Standards and Technology Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA

General Chair ------------- James Albus, NIST, USA

Program Co--Chairs ------------------

Sukhan Lee, U. of South. California and JPL, USA Antti Koivo, Purdue University, USA Alex Meystel, Drexel University and NIST, USA F.-Y. Wang, University of Arizona, USA

Finance Chair --------------

G. Yen, Oklahoma State University, USA

Publications Chair ------------------

M. Polycarpou, University of Cincinnati, USA

Vice--Publications Chair ------------------------

P. Flanagan, NIST, USA

Publicity Co--Chairs --------------------

T. Parisini, University of Trieste, Italy G. Vercelli, University of Trieste, Italy E. Messina, NIST, USA

Local Arrangements Chair ------------------------

Richard Quintero, NIST, USA

IMPORTANT DATES ---------------

Feb 27, 1998 Full Papers Due May 8, 1998 Notification of Acceptance Jun 12, 1998 Final Camera-Ready Due

PAPER SUBMISSION ---------e copies of your paper (including an abstract) should be received by February 27, 1998. Clearly indicate who y indicate who will serve as the corresponding author and include the title, the name of the author(s), affiliation, address, telephone number, fax, and e-mail address. Please indicate to which topic the paper is being submitted. Notification of acceptance and the author's kit will be mailed by May 8, 1998. The full paper typed in camera-ready form must be received by June 12, 1998. Final instructions for camera-ready copy submission will be in the author's kit. Papers should be limited to 6 pages including abstract, figures, and tables (i.e., two column format, 10pt Times font, and 8.5 x 11 inch paper).

Please mail your submission to:

ISIC/CIRA/ISAS 98 Submissions NIST, Intelligent Systems Division Building 220, Room B124 Gaithersburg, MD 20899, USA Phone: 301-975-3418 Fax: 301-990-9688 E-mail: is98.submit@cme.nist.gov

WWW HOME PAGE -------------

More information, including registration forms, is available on the WWW page accessed by


SPONSORED BY ------------

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), IEEE Control Systems Society, National Science Foundation Army Research Office

IN COOPERATION WITH -------------------

IEEE Robotics and Automation Society and IEEE Neural Network Council

SCOPE -----

The theme for the Joint ISIC/ISAS'98 conference is "Intelligent Control of Complex Systems." We define intelligent control as that which causes a complex system to successfully perform complex physical tasks in the presence of uncertainty and unpredictability. This conference will focus on theoretical issues, engineering methodologies, and applications of intelligent control systems.

CONFERENCE TOPICS -----------------

o Theory of intelligent systems o Intelligent system architectures o Engineering principles for intelligent control systems o Intelligent control applications o Performance measures o Goals, skills, and behavior generation o Deliberative, reactive, and emergent behavior o Planning and problem solving o Perception, cognition, and symbol grounding o Knowledge representation and world modeling o Entities, events, attributes, and relationship o Multi-level range and resolution in time and space o Sensing and acting o Sensory processing and situation assessment o Complexity (in the controller and in the world) o Attention, grouping, filtering, estimation, and recognition o Game theory and decision making o Values, motives, and behavior o Learning, adaptation, and optimization o Self-reference, introspection, and consciousness o Hybrid systems o Simulation, modeling, and prediction o Semiotics o Language, communication, meaning, and pragmatics o Inference, deduction, probability, and uncertainty o Symbolic manipulation vs. connectionist vs. control theory approaches o Modern control methods for intelligent systems o Multi-agent systems o Human-machine interfaces o Real-time control and computational resources

Applications ------------

o Manufacturing o Construction o Semi-autonomous vehicles o Process control (materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotech) o Power plants and energy systems o Agriculture and food processing o Health care and elder care services o Transportation systems o Environmental restoration o Mining and drilling o Physical security and inventory control o Battlefield operations (air, land, sea, undersea) o Undersea and planetary exploration

Panel Discussions -----------------

o Progress report on a national program for intelligent systems o Progress report on applications of intelligent control

Tutorials ---------

o The NIST Real-time Control System (RCS) o Neural nets, fuzzy logic, and genetic algorithms o Real-time image processing for mobility o Product and process models for intelligent manufacturing systems

Tours of NIST laboratories --------------------------

o The National Advanced Manufacturing Testbed o The Next Generation Inspection System o The NIST Hexapod machine tool o A semi-autonomous HMMWV for on-road and cross country mobility o RoboCrane applications o An open architecture controller for intelligent machines

PROGRAM COMMITTEE -----------------

o K. Baheti, NSF, USA o K. Bellman, Aerospace Corporation, USA o P. Borne, Ecole Centrale de Lille, France o A. Chikrii, Inst. of Cybernetics, Ukraine o N. DeClaris, U. of Maryland, USA o E. D. Dickmanns, U. der Bundeswehr, Germany o S. Drakunov, Tulane U., USA o V. Finn, VINITI, Russia o D. Fogel, Natural Selection, USA o T. Fukuda, Nagoya U., Japan o K. Furuta, Tokyo Inst. of Technology, Japan o J. Goguen, U. of Calif. at San Diego, USA o J. Gray, U. of Salford, UK o W. Gruver, SFU, Canada o M. Gupta, U. of Saskatchewan, Canada o M. Herman, NIST, USA o C. Joslyn, Los Alamos Nat'l Lab, USA o M. Juberts, NIST, USA o O. Kaynak, Bogazici U., Turkey o Y. Klimontovich, Moscow State U., Russia o L. Kohout, Florida State U., USA o M. Kokar, Northeastern U., USA o V. Kreinovich, U. of Texas at El Paso, USA o R. Lumia, U. of New Mexico, USA o R. Mann, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA o J. Maulbetsch, EPRI, USA o G. T. McKee, U. of Reading, UK o B. Mirkin, DIMACS, Rutgers U., USA o A. Mironov, Moscow State U., Russia o I. Muchnik, DIMACS, Rutgers U., USA o C. Nehaniv, U. of Aizu, Japan o U. Ozguner, Ohio State U., USA o K. Passino, Ohio State U., USA o L. Perlovsky, Nichols Research Corp., USA o T. Reader, WSMR, USA o B. Rieger, O. of Trier, Germany o G. Ritter, U. of Florida, USA o P. Schenker, JPL, USA o A. Stopp, Daimler-Benz, Germany o T. J. Tarn, Washington U., USA o B. Turksen, U. of Toronto, Canada o S. G. Tzafestas, NTUA, Greece o J. C. A. van der Lubbe, Delft U. of Technology, The Netherlands o P. Wang, Duke U., USA o J. M. Weiss, EPRI, USA o P. Werbos, NSF, USA o X. Yun, Naval Postgraduate School, USA o F. Zhao, Ohio State U., USA


Dr. Gianni Vercelli   vercelli@univ.trieste.it
DEEI - Universita` di Trieste         +39 40 676.3222   (voice)
Via A. Valerio, 10                        +39 40 676.3460   (fax)
I-34127 TRIESTE (IT)                 http://www.univ.trieste.it

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