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Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 16:55:01 -0500
From: David Green <david@ninch.org>
Subject: 21st Century Teachers Network Now Hiring

January 14, 1998


Normally we don't post job openings but this announcemnet serves to
describe a new, interesting project as well as a clutch of jobs.

David Green

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21st Century Teachers Network Now Hiring!

The 21st Century Teachers Network <http://www.21ct.org> is a growing
movement of teacher leaders helping themselves and their colleagues develop
new skills for using technology in their teaching and learning
environments. Over 6,000 teachers have already volunteered; over 100,000
will eventually be recruited. 21st Century Teachers was announced by the
President, is supported by leading education organizations, and is guided
by The McGuffey Project. The McGuffey Project is a non-profit organization
committed to the effective integration of technology in the classroom. We
are looking to hire dynamic leaders to lead this effort and fill these
positions immediately.


Project Director - The Project Director will oversee all aspects of the
21st Century Teachers Network. This person should have experience leading a
non-profit organization or directing an extensive education project. While
serving as the primary spokesperson for 21CT, she or he must be able to
communicate effectively with others inside and outside educational
constituencies and direct staff. This person will require boundless
enthusiasm, strong leadership skills, and the ability to build an
organization from the ground up.

Director of Development - The Director of Development will be primarily
focused on raising resources to meet the Project's budget, helping build
the Board of Directors, and soliciting contributions from a wide variety of
sources. This will include meeting with corporate and foundation
representatives, as well as working to secure "in-kind" contributions such
as software resources, rewards for 21CT Network members, office space for
group leaders, use of training facilities, etc.

Government Resources Coordinator - This senior level position will have
two primary roles with the Network: 1) keeping federal, state, and local
public leaders informed about the success of the Network and get them
involved in 21CT activities as supporters of the project; 2) aggressively
locate content resources and other Government opportunities for the
Network's Intranet and outreach functions.

Director of State & Opportunity Group Support - This person will be the
central outreach and support representative from the Network to Opportunity
Group leaders. They will work closely to develop programs and provide
materials for group leaders, coordinate events in the field, recruit
additional leaders, develop new Opportunity Groups and their leadership
(particularly in states), and develop partnerships in the field with public
and private programs.

Intranet Site Coordinator - The Intranet Site Coordinator will oversee all
aspects of the user documentation and content portions of the Intranet site
("Site Editor"). In addition to building content, events, and activities
into the site, this person will work to ensure that all users can access
and find value in their use of this community. This position will require
strong Web-based skills such as knowledge of HTML, as well as experience
working with education technology Web sites.

Staff Assistant(s) - This junior level position(s) will support all
personnel and provide a wide range of office administrative functions.
This person(s) should have excellent communication skills to speak with
teachers in the field through the Service Desk and computer experience to
assist in document production, Intranet communication, and development of
presentation materials.

The McGuffey Project is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Please send/fax a cover letter and resume to:

Jeff Hannah
c/o The McGuffey Project
888 17th Street, N.W., 12th Floor
Washington, D.C. 20006

Phone: 202-429-8744
Fax: 202-296-2962
e-mail: jhannah@natstrat.com

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