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[1] From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu> (130)
Subject: New Journal Announcement

[2] From: Bob Godwin-Jones <rgjones@atlas.vcu.edu> (19)
Subject: Language Interactive site updated

Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 16:32:40 -0500 (EST)
From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu>
Subject: New Journal Announcement

>> From: evopt@pobox.com

Profuse apologies for cross-posting. Please forward to
anyone who would be interested. Thankyou

First announcement on the Internet and call for papers for
a new journal


An International Journal on the Internet

Archives Published by Polish Academy of Science,
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research

High quality research and survey papers are solicited,
covering the scope of the journal outlined below.

Aims and Scope:

The subject of Evolutionary Optimization has recently
experienced a remarkable growth. New concepts, methods and
applications are being continually proposed and exploited
to provide efficient tools for solving a variety of
optimization problems. The aim of this international
journal is to collect and disseminate the progressive body
of knowledge on evolutionary optimization techniques and
their applications, via a single organized medium. These
techniques include Genetic Algorithms, Genetic Programming,
Evolutionary Programming and Evolution Strategies among
others, all of which are inspired by restricted models of
natural evolution.

Applications of evolutionary optimization cover a wide
range of engineering optimization problems, operations
research and other related fields. The principal focus of
the journal will be the implementation of Evolutionary
Optimization techniques to practice. The journal will be
primarily concerned with these applications which include
those aspects of computing techniques that use the model of
natural selection and other biologically oriented models to
perform the process of optimization.

Evolutionary Optimization will be publishing invited
papers, original research and review papers and short
letters. The journal will also have special issues devoted
to relevant topics. Book reviews, forthcoming events and
software sections of the journal will report the recent
developments and advances in the field.

A section of the journal will be devoted to short
communications, letters, abstracts and notes. These
short papers will be quickly reviewed and published.

Mission Statement of the Journal

(i) Fast Turnaround

The journal will strive by all means to reduce the
throughput for the submitted papers, by extensive use of
the electronic media in communication and publishing.

(ii) Fast Communication

The journal will provide the forum for fast exchange of
ideas by means of publishing short letters which will be
devoted to results obtained immediately upon their
discovery and reports from important events and activities.

(iii) Collective responsibility

The journal tries to make its contribution in the field by
collective support of its editors, editorial board and its
global network of correspondents. All board members are
equally responsible to uphold the mission of the journal.

(iv) Active Readers

The journal expects to have active readers which will
contribute to the future development of the journal. The
journal is open to the readers and new ideas are warmly

Editors and Editorial Board

Honorary Editor:
David E. Goldberg,
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA.

Andrzej Osyczka, Cracow University of Technology, Poland
Terence C. Fogarty, Napier University, Scotland, UK.
Raphael T. Haftka, University of Florida, USA

Associate Editor:
Sourav Kundu, Kanazawa University, Japan

Book Review Editor:
Koetsu Yamazaki, Kanazawa University, Japan.
Forthcoming Events Editor:
Byoung-Tak Zhang, Seoul National University, Korea.
Software Review Editor:
Cezary Z. Janikow, UMSL, USA.

Editorial Board:

Hojjat Adeli, Ohio State University, USA.
Jarmo Alander, University of Vaasa, Finland.
Gengdong Cheng, Dalian University of Technology, China.
Dipankar Dasgupta, University of Memphis, USA.
Kalyanmoy Deb, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India.
Gusz Eiben, University of Leiden, Netherlands.
Mitsuo Gen, Ashikaga Institute of Technology, Japan.
John S. Gero, University of Sydney, Australia.
Fred Glover, University of Colorado, USA.
Don Grierson, University of Waterloo, Canada.
Zafer Gurdal, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and
State University, USA.
J.J. Merelo Guervos, University of Granada, Spain.
Witold Gutkowski, IPPT-PAN, Polish Academy of Sciences,
Prabhat Hajela, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA.
Phil Husbands, University of Sussex, UK.
Janusz Kacprzyk, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland.
Andy Keane, Southamptom University, UK.
Vlasis Koumousis, National Technical University of Athens,
John R. Koza, Stanford University, USA.
Sushil J. Louis, University of Nevada, USA.
Bernard Manderick, Free University Brussels, Belgium.
Juhachi Oda, Kanazawa University, Japan.
Ian Parmee, University of Plymouth, UK.
Lalit M. Patnaik, Indian Institute of Science, India.
Gregory J. E. Rawlins, Indiana University. USA.
Grant P. Steven, University of Sydney, Australia.
Robert Elliot Smith, University of Alabama, USA.
Takao Terano, The University of Tsukuba, Japan.
George Thierauf, Essen University, Germany
B.H.V.Topping, Herriot-Watt University, UK.
Hans-Michael Voigt, Technical University of Berlin, Germany.
Mike Xie, Victoria University of Technology, Australia.
Weixuan Xu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.
Lotfi A. Zadeh, University of California at Berkeley, USA.

The EVOLUTIONARY OPTIMIZATION journal will be published
quarterly starting from 1998.

All correspondence should be sent to:

Sourav Kundu (Phd)
Department of Human and Mechanical Systems Engineering
Faculty of Engineering, Kanazawa University
2-40-20 Kodatsumo, Kanazawa 920-8667
Tel: +81-76-234-4758, Fax: +81-76-234-4668
Email: sourav@kenroku.ipc.kanazawa-u.ac.jp

Date: Fri, 30 Jan 98 8:27:41 EST
From: Bob Godwin-Jones <rgjones@atlas.vcu.edu>
Subject: Language Interactive site updated

From: Bob Godwin-Jones <rgjones@atlas.vcu.edu>

The Language Interactive Web site has been updated, in fact
extensively rewritten and re-structured. Located at...


Mirror at...


This is intended to be a guide for language teachers on options for
creating interactive Web pages for instruction. In addition to
sections on program linking, JavaScript, and CGI, there is a new
section on Java. Included are extensive links to learning resources
and examples, including ways to create interactivity without
programming. Recommendations for changes, addtions, corrections are

Bob Godwin-Jones               | Director, Instructional Development Center
rgjones@vcu.edu                | Professor, Department of Foreign Languages 
http://www.fln.vcu.edu/gj.html | VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY 

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