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Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 18:02:20 -0500
From: David Green <david@ninch.org>
Subject: Preservation Plans & Millennium project

February 2, 1998


As many heard in President's Clinton's State of the Union Address last
week, there was a committment to furthering the preservation of this
country's cultural heritage. References to this preservation interestingly
sandwiched Clinton's remarks about the scientific challenges to the nation
and the announcement of the largest ever increases to the National Science

"This year, Hillary and I launched the White House Millennium Program to
promote America's creativity and innovation, and to preserve our heritage
and culture into the 21st century. Our culture lives in every community,
and every community has places of historic value that tell our stories as
Americans. We should protect them. I am proposing a public-private
partnership to advance our arts and humanities, and to celebrate the
millennium by saving American's treasures, great and small....

I ask all Americans to support our project to restore all our treasures so
that the generations of the 21st century can see for themselves the images
and words that are the old and continuing glory of America..." (See the
very end of the President's speech:

Below are some of the emerging details of the President's preservation plans.

David Green

>Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 17:13:54 -0500 (EST)
>From: Page Miller <pagem@CapAccess.org>
NCC Washington Update, vol. 4, #3, February 2, 1998
by Page Putnam Miller, Director of the National Coordinating
Committee for the Promotion of History <pagem@capaccess.org>

1. President Recommends a Budget Increase for National Archives
2. President's FY'99 Request for NHPRC is $6 Million
3. Update on Funding for Historic Preservation Programs
4. Historic Preservation Is Part of a New Presidential
Initiative, The Millennium Program


4. Historic Preservation Is Part of a New Presidential Initiative, The
Millennium Program -- President Clinton in his January 27 "State of the
Union Address" proposed a program to preserve and restore our nation's
heritage as we enter the new millennium. The theme of the "Save America's
Treasures" program is "Honor the past; imagine the future." Part of this
program will be the development of a challenge grant initiative, that over
the next three years, will assist in the preservation of endangered
historic places and artifacts across the United States.

The President's budget proposal states that the funding for these grants
will come from the Historic Preservation Fund and shall be used "to
preserve the Nation's irreplaceable heritage, as authorized by the
Historic Preservation Act, including preservation of intellectual
expressions and cultural artifacts, and of historic structures and sites."
The President's budget specifics that one half of these funds are to be
transferred to federal agencies for preserving our cultural heritage
and the other half is to go to the State Historic Preservation Offices and
Indian Tribes. The State Historic Preservation Offices -- with
appropriate state partners -- will assist state agencies, local
governments, and nonprofit organizations in preserving America's historic

The "Save America's Treasures" program will be located in the Department
of Interior. The President's FY'99 budget request includes $50 million
this year for the program, with an anticipated $50 million to be also
allocated in each of the following two years. At this point only the
conceptual outline of the program is available for many of the details
have not yet been determined. However, it does appear that the grants will
require matching funds.

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