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[1] From: Norm Holland <NNH@nervm.nerdc.ufl.edu> (39)
Subject: "The Explosive Trade Deal You've Never Heard Of"

[2] From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu> (25)
Subject: ELRA/ELDA new address

Date: Mon, 09 Feb 98 09:01:26 EST
From: Norm Holland <NNH@nervm.nerdc.ufl.edu>
Subject: "The Explosive Trade Deal You've Never Heard Of"

While the U.S. and world media have been gorging on the Lewinsky
affair, 29 of the world's most developed nations have been
drafting something called the Multilateral Agreement on
Investment. The treaty would bar Congress, state legislatures,
and local governments from using trade sanctions to push labor,
environmental, or human rights standards. It would end
"enterprise zones" or "Buy American" efforts to improve the lot
of American workers.

Multinational corporations, predictably, are in favor of the
treaty. Opponents include small business, AFL-CIO and other
labor unions, state governments, environmentalists, and consumer
groups. Opponents call it "NAFTA on steroids." Multinationals
see it as a way to keep all governments, from Federal on down,
from interfering with profits by means of boycotts or
regulations, for example, that would provide labor laws, human
rights, or environmental standards.

The treaty is scheduled to be signed into final form in April and
then to come before the U.S. Senate for ratification as a treaty
(meaning it overrules all domestic laws in the U.S.). I have
seen virtually no press coverage of this Trojan horse except for
an article in the current (February 9) _Business Week_. The text
of the treaty has been posted, however, by Public Citizen Global
Trade Watch at http://www.citizen.org/pctrade/tradehome.html .
The site also tells you how to contact the State Department's
negotiators. I encourage you to take a look and write them and
your senator accordingly.

I am posting this, because I believe MIA poses a devastating
threat to any kind of progress in saving the environment, human
rights, or simply human welfare from the insatiable we-want-it-
all greed of the multinationals. I yrge you to take a look
and write your legislator about your views.
Yours, Norm Holland

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Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 12:43:17 -0500 (EST)
From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu>
Subject: ELRA/ELDA new address

From: info-elra@calva.net (Valerie Mapelli)

The European Language Resources Association and its Distribution Agency have
moved! We are expanding our activities,and our offices are moving to new
premises. As of the 1st of February 1998, we have the following address:

55-57, rue Brillat Savarin
75013 Paris

Tel. +33 - (0)1 - 43 13 33 33=20
Fax. +33 - (0)1 - 43 13 33 30

The ELRA Web site and the e-mail addresses are=20
not changing, you may still reach us on:


Khalid CHOUKRI, CEO: elra@calva.net
R=E9becca JAFFRAIN, Assistant manager: info-elra@calva.net
Val=E9rie MAPELLI, Technical assistant: info-elra@calva.net
Malin NILSSON, Marketing assistant: elra-elda@calva.net=20

Valerie Mapelli Tel: +33 1 43 13 33 33
ELRA/ELDA Fax: +33 1 43 13 33 30
55-57 rue Brillat Savarin E-mail: info-elra@calva.net
75013 PARIS http://www.icp.grenet.fr/ELRA
First International Conference on Language Resources
and Evaluation (Granada, Spain, 28-30 May 1998):

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