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[1] From: Jonathan Benda <benda@s867.thu.edu.tw> (29)
Subject: Positions Available, Tunghai University

[2] From: Fotocomposizione Giuntina <foto-giuntina@fol.it> (37)
Subject: annoucement

Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 13:23:36 +0800
From: Jonathan Benda <benda@s867.thu.edu.tw>
Subject: Positions Available, Tunghai University

This may be of interest to you. I apologize for cross-postings.
For more information, please write to flld@s867.thu.edu.tw or check out the
FLLD Website at http://s867.thu.edu.tw/~flld/flld.htm

Department of (Western) Foreign Languages and Literature.

We invite applications for

1) Assistant Professor in Composition/Writing, to teach writing and oral
skills courses in English Majors Program in EFL environment. Ph.D. in
Rhetoric, English, TEFL (with emphasis in teaching writing), or other
relevant field required; expertise in teaching literature, humanities, or
cultural studies desirable. Closing date: March 31, 1998.

2) Lecturer/Assistant Professor in TEFL, Foreign Language Education, or
Applied Linguistics to teach integrated skills EFL classes and participate
in curriculum/program development; background in educational technology and
language testing desirable. M.A. or Ph.D. in hand by time of appointment.
Closing date: April 30, 1998.

For both positions we require commitment to teaching and scholarship in a
regional (Taiwan) and international context, and minimum three-year
commitment. Send English cover letter, vita, graduate transcripts, and at
least three reference letters to Karen Kingsbury, Chair, Department of
Foreign Languages and Literature, Tunghai University. Provide telephone
and fax numbers or e-mail address to facilitate communication.
Jonathan Benda
Dept. Foreign Languages and Literatures
Tunghai University
Taichung, Taiwan R.O.C.

Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 11:45:09 GMT
From: Fotocomposizione Giuntina <foto-giuntina@fol.it>
Subject: annoucement

Job Opportunity

Tipografia GIUNTINA - Florence (Italy)

6 months contract (renewable for other 6 months)

Salary for six months: 20,000,000 ITLire (gross)

Giuntina is an old-established important typesetting and printing company
located in Florence.
In the last years we are more and more engaged in SGML projects, oriented to
the production of European multilingual paper and electronic publications.

We are seeking a full-time young SGML expert to follow the start-up of an
important multilingual project; he will be directly supervised by the
president of the company (project-leader).

The appointment should run from mid March 1998.

Applicants should have training and experience in SGML projects including
data-capture, SGML mark-up and validation, on-line editing by authors,
production of in-house typesetting-system compatible files, production of
HTML files from the same source.
Knowledge of PC-based systems (especially in a WindowsNT environment) is
preferable; knowledge of French or English is required; knowledge of Italian
is not a requirement but it is preferable.
Applicants are expected to live in the Florence area for the whole period.

Enquires and applications may be addressed to:

Dr. G. Passigli (member of International SGML User Group)
Via Ricasoli, 26
I-50122 Florence (Italy)
E-mail: giuntina@fol.it
Phone: +39-55-268684 +39-55-2382774
Fax: +39-55-219718

In applications please specify name, address, age and nationality, previous
experiences in SGML mark-up, experiences in publication production and

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