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[1] From: Hans van der Laan (15)
Subject: Lost title

[2] From: <hyok305@chollian.dacom.co.kr> (8)
Subject: re: writing styles

Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 11:03:05 +0001
From: Hans van der Laan <H.R.van_der_Laan@ThuisNet.LeidenUniv.NL>
Subject: Lost title

A friend asks me:

A few years ago someone on the net advised me to read a book. I
liked it and would like to look a few things up in it again now,
but I can't find my notes on it any more. I think I remember the
name of the author: Modris Eckstein, but I am not sure about its
spelling. I do not remember the title. It was about WW-I and the
time preceding it. I remember especially a chapter (or were it
several) on Diaghilev and Les Ballets Russes. So it was not just
about the war itself, but also, and especially, on the cultural
context. Any help with recovering the precise bibliographic
information will be highly appreciated.


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Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 19:48:39 +0900
From: <hyok305@chollian.dacom.co.kr>
Subject: re: writing styles

From: ถ๓มพว๕ <hyok305@chollian.dacom.co.kr>

I'm collecting various writing styles--the MLA style and Beyond MLA,
etc. If you have any idea of writing styles and of the Internet sites
regarding them, let me know. I welcome ideas from Europe, Asia, and
Africa, etc. Thanks.

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