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Barry M. Dank (
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 13:24:13 -0800 (PST)

Leroy and Tatum Young
Legal Defense Fund

Professor Leroy Young is now in a fight for his life. This is an appeal
to professors, students and staff in every area and walk of university
life to help the Young's with this fight. Professor Young was accused of
sexual harassment by a student and summarily dismissed by the president
of the college without an investigation, proof, or a hearing. He was a
tenured professor who lost his job, his benefits, his retirement and his
means of supporting himself and his family.

There is now a case in place in US Federal District Court on behalf of
Professor Young. He is currently without an attorney, a job, or any
means of financial support. If this professor can be so treated within a
university system, then each of us as tenured faculty are in jeopardy.
Each of us could be accused and find ourselves in this situation tomorrow.

The Youngs have spent $75,000 of their own money for legal expenses thus
far in this case. They have also cashed in their retirement and borrowed
against life insurance in order to survive this ordeal. To date they
have not yet had their day in court. This travesty has been on going
since August 1993 when he was accused and then March 1994 when he was
fired. The president then accused Professor Young of moral delinquency,
dereliction of duty and lying in the press. They Youngs are in need of
our financial help. They must obtain another attorney to take this case
to court and they are without resources.

A fund has been started for them: Leroy and Tatum Young Legal Defense
Fund, Post Office Box 10533, Asheville, NC 28806. The fund is being
held in the NationsBank in Asheville for their benefit. Please look into
your heart and into your pocketbook to help fellow professionals in great

The Youngs can be contacted at:
704-665-7478 home
704-665-7413 fax or

Tatum P. and Leroy S. Young
153 Stradley Mtn. Rd.
Asheville, NC 28806
hm: 704-665-7478
fx: 704-665-7413