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Associated Press, 03/31/98 14:11

JERUSALEM (AP) - An 18-year-old Israeli hacker who broke into the
Pentagon's computers will be drafted into the Israeli army - and he
wants a computer job.

The hacker, Ehud Tenenbaum, will put on a uniform Sunday, said Zvi Eyal,
the teen-ager's newly acquired media adviser. If rejected by the Givati
infantry brigade, Tenenbaum hopes to get an army job that will let him
use his computer skills, Eyal said Tuesday.

In the meantime, the teen-ager who calls himself ``The Analyzer'' is
being flooded with offers for paid interviews, books and movie deals.

Eyal said Tenenbaum had granted an exclusive, paid interview to the
Israeli mass-circulation daily Yediot Ahronot, and is negotiating
interview deals with U.S. television networks.

Tenenbaum was named earlier this month by the U.S. Justice Department
as the Pentagon hacker. He reportedly also has broken into computer
systems of American companies and universities.

Israeli police have questioned Tenenbaum and placed him under house
arrest, but he has not been charged. It was not clear what will happen
to the investigation once Tenenbaum is drafted.

Tenenbaum worked in tandem with two other Israeli teen-agers and two
California juveniles. The young hackers apparently penetrated the
Pentagon's computers in February.

The Pentagon has said the intrusions appeared to have been aimed at
systems that contained unclassified personnel and payroll records.

Eyal defended Tenenbaum's actions.

``It was for the intellectual challenge,'' Eyal told The Associated
Press. The publicist said Tenenbaum also destroyed Internet sites
belonging to Islamic militants and neo-Nazis, and sent warnings to owners
of 500 credit cards exposed on the Internet.

``He's like Robin Hood, he did not take a shekel for himself,'' Eyal

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