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> Dear Colleagues,
> Some months ago I ran into a translated quotation from Baudelaire, about
> Goya. I would greatly appreciate knowing which work. The quotation is: "T=
> line of the suture, the meeting point between real and fantastic, is
> impossible to find. It is a hazy borderline which even the subtlest analy=
> wouldn't be able to chart."

You will find the original in the Pleiade edition of Baudelaire (Paris,=20
Gallimard, 1966), p. 1020.

The French text reads as follows (I complete the sentence to give the=20
context which deals with Goya's caricatures)

Toutes ces contorsions, ces faces bestiales, ces grimaces diaboliques=20
sont p=E9n=E9tr=E9es d'humainit=E9. M=EAme au point de vue particulier de=
l'histoire naturelle, il serait difficile de les condamner, tant il y a=20
analogie et harmonie dans toutes les parties de leur =EAtre; en un mot, la=
ligne de suture, le point de jonction entre le r=E9el et le fantastique est=
impossible =E0 saisir; c'est une fronti=E8re vague que l'analyse la plus=20
subtile ne saurait pas tracer, tant l'art est =E0 la fois transcendant et =

This was published for the first time on October 15th, 1857 in Le Pr=E9sent=
and reprinted the following year in L'Artiste (September 26th, 1858). In=20
the latter form, it was placed within Curiosit=E9s esth=E9tiques. All this=
information is found in the Pleiade notes, p. 1699.

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[Thanks to the others who identified the quotation from Baudelaire. Since
they did not differ in their identification, I publish only the first of
the messages to arrive. --WM]

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